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February 11 2006

Cherub episode one - 'Not Helpless, Just Lazy'. If you want a vague idea of what this fan parody is like, think The Naked Gun meets Angel with lots of gin.

This is the most beautiful "Angel" parody I have ever seen in my life. Go Check it out.
That is funny. Well-done, deft touch.
You see, I thought it said "Naked GunN meets Angel with lots of gin" - because that's just a whole other (slash) story, isn't it?
Haha. So did I, catalyst.
That was great! haha. I can't wait for more episodes.
It is gloriously daft, I love it.
Now this sounds really funny and I'm pissed that I can't get it to run. What's UP with my Mac? Lately it's a crap-shoot whether or not I get to view anything, with no rhyme or reason to it at all! Dang!
Most amusing (sorry, to rub it in Willowy ;). Darth Vader, Moriarty, Iago and now to the list of most memorable villains must be added ... Johnny Mildly-Irritating.

edited to correct the oh, so ironic, slightly forgotten name

[ edited by Saje on 2006-02-12 01:37 ]
Bwahahah! That's great. The "villian" was priceless. ^^
The actress playing Charity Case definitely has Cordelia down eerily well, the mannerisms and way she speaks. I enjoyed it.

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