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March 10 2003

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon confirms casting rumour.

"...his habit of murdering girls and his alliance with the darkest evil known to man makes him exactly the sort of guy whose (butt) Buffy needs to kick."

Great quotes.
Two words: Boo yah! (Addendum: it better not suck.)
Shame his character will only be around for five episodes, Fillion would have made a great big bad (or even a more frequent big bad henchman). Still - great news.
One word: Yippie!
From a writing perspective this is kinda weak. Is this character suddenly going to become The First Evil's Achilles' heel? They take out Caleb and the game's over? I preferred it when there wasn't a butt to kick. But then again they were writing themselves into a corner. If there's no butt to kick then how do the good guys win? Still it seems very Deus ex Machina to me.

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