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February 12 2006

Alyson Hannigan's thoughts on romance and her new movie. She discusses her worst date, her favorite romantic movie, and more in an article that also includes interviews with her 'Date Movie' co-stars. There's also interviews with Aly in the Chicago Sun-Times and the New York Post. She'll also be on the The Late Late Show this week.

My chest was screaming, 'Pimp my ride!'

I just had to quote that.
I've added Chris inVirginia's New York Post link to this one as to save space on the front page.
Q: Making romantic comedies, doing "When Harry Met Sally," having this All-American image - are you trying to become the next Meg Ryan?

A: That wasn't my agenda, but if you wanna go there, you can. I wouldn't fight that. I'm just trying to do stuff that I love and that hopefully other people respond to. But if people compare me to her, I would not be upset. I've heard it in the past, and I've always thought it was a compliment.

Noooooo! I can't stand Meg Ryan. She's my least favorite actress ever. Ok, it would be great if Alyson was that popular and in demand but please, Aly, don't be like Meg Ryan!
I'm not a fan of Meg Ryan either, but realistically Alyson isn't even close to being regarded in the same way that Meg once was by Hollywood.
Hm, I'm a bit crushed to learn Alyson Hannigan doesn't really have red hair, but then again I also don't quite know what auburn is since I'm just too used to thinking of it as that yellowy stuff from Jurassic Park...

I find it funny that she may come up with a series of entirely different answers to the inevitable question about "what was your worst date?"
orangewaxlion, Willow had brown hair in the first Buffy episode. That's how I knew the red hair wasn't natural.
Plus in a lot of Season 1 promo shots she had brown hair. And I think in My Stepmother is an Alien as well, which was the first and only time I saw her before Buffy. The red looked perfectly natural though, at least to me.
Huh, regarding the early Willow hair, I just always figured that was something more regarding the lighting and film quality since most people didn't expect mcuh to come of Buffy at the time... Thanks for pointing that out though. It's still marginally red-ish depending on the shot though, just far stronger in the later seasons.

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