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February 12 2006

Veronica Mars creator chats about Joss Whedon and The CW in this UPN internet show hosted by E! Online's Kristin. Prompted by her 'three actors come out of a building' scoop, Rob Thomas says he'd love a Joss show on The CW as long as it doesn't replace his own one. (Starts at 50:45 min, rest of chat contains spoilers for Veronica Mars).

If you don't want to watch the show from February 9th, download the 64.2mb podcast and fast forward to the relevant Whedon part.

It's kinda annoying that Kristin is saying things like "There's a good possibility that Firefly is coming back, would you like Joss Whedon having a show that would go alonside with yours?"
I'm not bagging her, I'm just not too happy with it being reported as fact.
I am not all that keen on listening to podcasts (since I can't afford a pod), and these audio things usually crash my computer. Any chance of seeing this in print?
Hehe nixy - "bagging her". I only realized recently that this phrase means something totally different in some parts of America.

That said, I so adore Rob Thomas. The VM guy, not the Matchbox 20 dude who I really don't. Hope to see more of his showrunnage in the future... maybe with Joss!
Bahahahaha Mort! I totally forgot that could mean something rude over there!
Well....I'm not doing that either! ; )
Loved this link. Fell in love with Cupid before I even heard of Joss Whedon. Adore me some Rob Thomas and love that he loves Joss.

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