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February 12 2006

"We're poised to make the deal and take away the Ariel Ambulance!" Adam Whiting calls for volunteers at the ArielAmbulance Yahoo! group....

From a post at the group's page, linked above:

Donor Candice Boyles, Akin the Finder, owner's son Shawn Kilby, and I are coordinating the transfer now.

So now we need volunteers! :)

We need...

1. people with cameras and video cameras -- documentation! Can you borrow a digital video camera from a friend/neighbor? Do you a have a camera you could loan to an attending Browncoat?

2. large, semi-muscular men and warrior women to help move the ambulance -- The ambulance is light: wood frame and fiberglass shell.

3. people interested in restoring the ambulance -- Who can show up in person at the scrapyard?

The scrap yard is located along the strip of Mojave-Barstow Hwy on the
southern border of the Mojave Airport, Mojave, CA.

--Who can show up in person at Minter Air Field Museum--the first display point?

401 Vultee Street
Shafter, California 93263

When are you available in the next few weeks?

Want to chip in? There's contact info at the Yahoo! group.

So what are the plans for the Ambulance once it's been taken?
May I suggest it would make a lovely treehouse.
My recollection is that the intent is to find a way to tour it around to cons and the like. I can't recall if some permanent home has already been rearranged for when it isn't doing such touring.
I'd buy that for a dollar!
If I lived anywhere nearby, I'd assist. This is really very cool!
So what are the plans for the Ambulance once it's been taken?

It's mentioned the first post that it will be displayed at Minter Air Field Museum. On the Yahoo group they mention that 3 musems are interested in displaying the Ariel Ambulance, so I guess when they say the "first display point", that it will be travelling to other musems later.
Way to go!

(Is that what the young people are saying nowadays?)

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