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February 12 2006

IDW Publishing revamps website including release dates of upcoming Angel comics. If you want to know when all those character one-shots are going to be released they're all listed here.

I am getting pretty irritated with this comic business. I went to two different stores today to try and pick up Old Wounds and #3 of Old Friends.

TFAW had the Old Friends but not the cover I wanted, and not only didn't have Old Wounds but had to look it up to see what I was talking about and NO they didn't have it and weren't getting it.

The next shop I went to had sold out of both of them. At least that is what they told me. Why is it so hard?

Grumble, grumble.
Hey an Spangel errr Angel-Spike Team-Up miniseries. Cool. I didn't know about that one.
It's nice to see the other main characters (Illyria, Gunn, Wesley, Connor, Doyle--especially surprised Connor and Doyle are getting one) receive one-shot comic books of their own. Verrry tempted...but nah, I'm still holding out for Angel comics at the very least written by other Mutant Enemy employees, and at the very best approved by Joss. Until then, it's all just glorified fanfiction that you have to pay for.
I'd love to see Angel comics written by former Mutant Enemy writers but I guess IDW have a limited budget. Hiring the likes of Fury, Espenson or Petrie may cost a pretty penny. However I think I'm right in saying that Angel is now their biggest selling franchise. Or it could be Transformers but I'd like to think it was Angel.
Hmm, if only Angel could transform into something ...

It'd be great to have the 'dream team' writing all the comics as well (especially if they all picked their favourite character and did the Spotlight one shots) but as Simon says, I don't think they could justify the costs (though it'd probably push some of the undecideds who don't usually buy comics to make the extra effort, I doubt the numbers would be high enough to pay for an Espenson et al script).

Bought Spike: Old Wounds yesterday, not read it yet. I'm having a hell of a time getting hold of the Serenity TPB tho' (good news in a way since it's constantly selling out). May have to order it from Amazon and just wait the extra couple of weeks (does anyone know why Amazon always seem to get comics so much later than comic shops ?).
I find I have to search all over the web to get my hands on copies of these comics. I've ordered from at least 5 different places. I wish IDW would put them up for sale in their store again.

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