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February 12 2006 relanches with new forum. More features, more interactivity! Events calendar, PMs, photo galleries, blogs, and more. Cool enough that gossi got the movie forum from Universal, but he continues to make it better and better.

I noticed it was linked from the official dvd site too... sweetness! Congrats to Growing Up Gossi!
You know, I was debating whether to post this or not here, and I am glad someone did. It truely is amazing... it just needs a bit more tweaking like the design in terms of colours and shapes, but then it will be quite shiney.

One big problem though, by this linkage(and the fact Gossi sent out an email to all of the users alerting of the revamp), there are like 200 people on that forum, and I can hear Gossi's servers screaming in pain.
Glad to see it's back up and flying!
gossi, you *rock*!!! :-D
Scared me when I went to re-sign up and it said someone else had my name! Then, duh, I realized I didn't have to re-sign up, I just had to log in! I was only scared because the last time the site was up a couple of people were using my avatar for their own and I felt violated! LOL!

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I see this made Sci Fi Wire (tis in the News Briefs & Links section).
Uhm. This made Sci-Fi? I gotta get myself a life.

Check out this forum, by the way. More of that shit to come. Viral marketing 3:16.
Huh... I had no idea it was still up. Will my old username and password still work?
war_machine, no, you'll need to reregister if you haven't used the .org site before.
That is really awesome, so hows that server Gossi? It didn't die yet from all of that traffic?
That is really awesome, so hows that server Gossi? It didn't die yet from all of that traffic?

It's been remarkably steady for me ever since yesterday when gossi vanished from chat after saying he was adding more memory and rebooting the thing.
Oh really? Was this earlier on the day woith the initial problems or was this later in the evening when there was the linkage on this site? Anyways it seems ok for me so far.
Way to go, Gossi -- and thanks for the heads-up (which I realize was automated, but it was still cool to find it in my mailbox).

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