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February 13 2006

Pucker up - TV Gal's Favorite Kisses. "Sometimes a television kiss is the butterflies-in-your-stomach, toes-curled, heart-go-pitter-patter kind of lip lock that we actually stand up and cheer." Spike/Buffy (Tabula Rasa) make number three on the list.

I cheered when Buffy and Angel kissed in "End of Days" and when Wes and Cordy kissed in "Graduation Day, part II". I should cheer more often apparently.
I cheered when Buffy/Spike kissed in INTERVENTION. (ETA when I realized it was really Buffy)

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I have to agree with TV Gal on Tabula Rasa. It was a fine lusty kissy kissy moment between Spike and Buffy. There were sparks I tell ya!
Poor Clem...he never had a chance to display his oscular charms...I'm sure he'd have been at the top of the list!
Hell...I CHEERED anytime Spike and Buffy about fire and chemistry....lets face it guys Sarah and James sizzled....

And yep...that kiss in Intervention just made my heart leap....I think I had prayed for it for so long and the tenderness was so touching. Buffy finally figured it out....yay!!!!!
I'm no Spuffy, no way no how. But yowza!!! the kiss at the end of TB was Scorchio!!!!! Especially in the recap on the next episode which was minus the music and plus lots of panting. *blushes*

The Wes/Cordy kiss in GD2 is possibly the best kiss ever. LMAO.

I wanted to a) smack Angel b) throw up c) smack Angel d) scream really loudly and e) smack Angel some more, with that kiss in EOD.

He's just lost the woman he loves, Cordy, killed his son and left him with a new family with no memory of his dad, and has practically sold his and the others' souls to W&H. But he's all chipper and snarky and snogging his longtime-ex. As Cordy would say "Pfft!"

And don't get me started on the emotionally stunted "basking" of a certain slayer.

*takes deep breathes and thinks of lovely Spangel and the forehead kiss, now THAT was hot* ;0)
Yes the Spangel kiss was very nice. Especially when watched frame by frame.
I'm with Simon, I cheered at the EOD kiss. Shipping is a very odd thing but I don't seem to be able to avoid it. I avoid "chick flicks" like the plague but for some reason always seem to get wrapped up in 1 ship or another (as long as it's on a show I really love).
EOD kiss, yep. Part of me cheered, because I've always been more of an Angel/Buffy fan than anything else. But, unfortunately, it was also very wrong. The whole Angel end-of-S7 thing only works for me when I try to ignore that AtS also actually exists. In EOD, it seemed like we had a completely different person from the Angel on AtS. It just didn't make much sense to me.

Als for Spike/Buffy in TR, it was a good kiss, but I'm sure I did not cheer.

Also: is it bad that I've seen all the kisses except for the ER one (never actually watched that...don't like 'hospital shows', they depress me) and the Moonlighting one (which is another show I've never watched)?
Wait, there was a forehead Spangel kiss??!?! *desperately needs to plough through DVDs again*

The Spuffy Intervention kiss was always the one that got me, simply because of the meaning of it all, that Buffy was finally beginning to accept Spike. The Tabula Rasa one was hot, sure, but I always liked the more tender moments between Spike and Buffy too, and the Intervention kiss still tops the Spuffy list for me...
The TR kiss was by far the hottest kiss in creation, in my opinion. And even though I'm a former Bangel, the EOD kiss just annoyed me. SO out of place. And the current Spuffy in me is bugged that it's more than Spike got in S7...(no one will convince me there was sex in that 'fade to black' scene).
I honestly don't recall a Spangel kiss, either.
My favorite kiss was the one in "I will Remember You" when Angel has become human and finds Buffy at the beach and strides out in the sunshine and lays one on her. If that didn't stop my heart, I should live forever!

I loved all the Buffy/Angel kisses and the Buffy/Spike kisses. I guess I just like kissing, though, I, too, do not like chick flicks.

I also cringed every time (thank goodness, few) that Cordelia and Angel kissed. Ewww! If you watch her mouth, she can't pull off a decent kiss. It's just very weird.
hrlo, BtVS S2 when Angel comes back to the fold. Someone will add the name of the episode.

In TR I did not cheer, but I did go "huh?" if I remember correctly. Very surprised. I was still trying to figure out Buffy's reactions to Spike in general at that point. No doubt it was hot, however. Very steamy stuff. Intervention was quite wonderful, in a very different way.

Maybe it is a fan wank, but my feeling is that people are often strongly effected in their behavior by the people around them. I did not have a problem with Spike acting differently on ATS S5 and I do not have a problem with Angel acting differently when he is alone with Buffy. So the EOD thing did not really bother me.
SO out of place

Ah not so much, it was foreshadowed :p.

From Faith, Hope and Trick.

Faith: "Isn't it crazy how slayin' just always makes you hungry and horny?"

Fighting Caleb, one of the biggest bads around would make one very ummm hungry. And then lo, your beloved ex appears. Well gosh, I'd snog him.
I liked the TR kiss, because the episode really warrented it. I was rooting for Joan and Randy. I thought it showed the changes Spike had been going through well, because when his memory was lost, he was more man than monster. I did not like the EOD kiss because it didn't fit. I don't like to be thrown out of the story line - to see the strings on the puppets, so to speak. The writers were almost in frame on that one, their agenda was so obvious.(well to me anyway, just opinion)
The End of Days kiss always jarred me. A heartfelt hug and caress, sure, but the smooching seemed out of place. And I wasn't even watching Angel the Series then, so I had no idea how out of character Angel was acting, given all the stuff going on in LA.

Angelus kissed Special Needs Spike on the forehead in Innocence.
Well gosh, I'd snog him.

Ever expect to type that one, Simon?
"Yes the Spangel kiss was very nice. Especially when watched frame by frame.
ladysorcha | February 13, 15:59 CET"

LOL! I nearly sprayed tea all over my screen. That would have been very bad as I'm in work at the moment.

It is a very good kiss. In the episode Innocence. Angelus grabs Spike by his shirt, pulls him close, Spike watches him lick his lips and then he plants one on his forehead.

You may have guessed I've watched that one a few *coughdozencough* times.

"Fighting Caleb, one of the biggest bads around would make one very ummm hungry. And then lo, your beloved ex appears. Well gosh, I'd snog him.
Simon | February 13, 17:28 CET"

I get it, Angel was convenient.

I don't Bangel or Spuffy. I think the guys can do a lot better to be honest. Like each other. ;0)
OTOH, the EOD kiss was so WTF with two friends of mine, that they didn't buy the DVD of either series..

Personally, I thought the kiss was rather nostalgic, but I was living on TOUCHED and wanting Spuffy to be together. I could have definitely lived with out it.
I agree, cmbackshane, the TR kiss was nice and fit. The EOD kiss was nice but didn't fit. As you say, we're clearly having our heads pointed towards the 'Spike might go bad' bush by the big-kissy-pebble (stretch, metaphor, stretch damn you) and it was, for me, much too obvious and beneath the standard of writing we are used to from JE and DP (even if it does give Spike a chance to step up and be a 'man').

The Intervention kiss was lovely tho'. No sparks, just tenderness and after what he'd done Spike totally deserved it.

I do agree with newcj tho', that people can act very differently depending who they're around so I don't have a big issue with the Spike of AtS S5 being a bit different.
The Intervention kiss is a beautiful moment,just beautiful.

The end segment to Tabula Rasa is also splendid...everybody so miserable, isolated, alone...and Buffy spurns Spike...and then, without warning, yet totally making sense, the desperate embrace and kiss...Buffy, psychically frozen, unable to relate to the real world, finding life in the arms of a dead man...just magnificent.
Best kiss in the whole Buffyverse, "Graduation Day Part 1", Oz panicking.

Other favorites:
Kennedy and Willow's spell-breaking kiss at the end of "Who Am I?"
Buffy forehead-kissing Faith in "Graduation Day Part 2"
Buffy kissing Spike in "The Intervention." As mentioned by others, not a sexy one, but for what it communicated.
Any Buffy/Angel kiss, maybe most especially in "I Will Remember You." I know lots of people disagree, but for me the Buffy Angel chemistry just never ended.
"I will remember you" made me see what people saw in a Bangel relationship but it didn't make me feel any the less that Spuffy was the way to go.
And the Tabula Rasa kiss was unexpected after Buffy spurning him so it also has the element of surprise going for it. Yep, I would say toe-curling.
Truthfully here, I don't actually remember much about the kiss in Tabula Rasa. The Buffy/Spike kiss in Once More With Feeling made far more of an impact on me.
barboo, I agree. Theirs was the love to end all loves, and no matter what else (or who else) they did, they would always love each other more than any other. That didn't mean I didn't enjoy the Spike/Buffy thing for the short time it lasted. She needed someone hot in her life. Who doesn't?
Well, that makes sense, Simon. That was the first one. But I assumed that there was still some hold over from the musical, so it didn't mean as much. It is when they did it again that I really knew that she wouldn't be able to talk her way out of this one.

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I don't actually remember much about the kiss in Tabula Rasa
Oh the irony :)
Simon, It is almost divorced from the episode in my mind, so it always takes me a minute to connect which kiss people are talking about when they call it the TR kiss. I mean the episode seems to be over, Buffy has rejected Spike in no uncertain terms and then there they are all over each other under the stairs. Probably the most public they ever got. You should really force yourself to go back and take another look, just to jog your might want to have your honey with you when you is very inspiring stuff. ;-)

As far as Bangel being the love to end all loves, maybe romantisism has just been beaten out of me by life, but to me Bangel is the little girl's romantic illusion. It would always have a special place in Buffy's heart, but both of them should see it for what it is and move on. Course I feel that way about all the ships that met their demise. Take the lessons learned and move on. ...having hot video is just a plus.
I agree with her on like ALL of those kisses on her list.
the TR kiss is the best Spuffy kiss that ever was.
Surprised no one’s mentioned the Tara/Willow kiss at the end of Entropy. The only sexually charged kiss I think they ever got to have.

I’m also partial to the forehead kisses between everyone on the show- good thing,since there were a lot of them.

EoD kiss: Whenever Buffy and Angel saw each other after s3, there was kissing involved… would have liked to see their relationship continue on the friends/partners level, but oh well, guess the point was that it couldn’t...

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I didn't start watching Buffy till after Season 6. I was flipping channels and caught the Spike/Anya scene in Entropy. I couldn't believe the heat those two generated. Needless to say, I started watching old Buffy episodes after that and become hooked. To make a long story...I soon discovered Spike generated heat with pretty much everyone. All his kisses were hot.
The kiss at the end of Tabula Rasa definitely gives me that flippy tummy feeling and a hot flash of lust everytime I see it.

The End of Days kiss gives me a hot flash of anger which I avoid by never watching that episode. It really ruined the end of Buffy for me. I lost what little respect I had left for her. I agreed with the First. That Bitch!

The OMWF feeling kiss was suprising and I am glad it happened but it was weird and awkward looking. I don't know how they got from that to the extreme hotness Tabula Rasa and subsequently Smashed.
I'm definitely a Bangel person, but the final scene in EOD really did strike me as wrong considering where Buffy was. And that's not even mentioning everything Angel had just been through on his own series.

But the best kiss in the whole of the Buffyverse, to me, is when Angel lays one on Buffy during the day in I Will Remember You.
I love OMWF kiss more - but also adore the hotness of TR kiss. It's great to see the recognition of Spuffy!


Nebula1400 wrote

I honestly don't recall a Spangel kiss, either.

Watch it here
I have to agree annieb. That Spike/Anya scene was very very watchable and rewindable. Spike definitely heated up the screen with everybody he was paired with.
Poor Dru. There she was Spike's faithless sidekick for over a hundred years. But everyone seems to prefer the sight of Spike kissing ANYONE but her.

But yeah, I'll vote for the whole Spike/Anya thing bit as one of the hottest on screen. It worked so well because we saw the whole mutual seduction as it happened bit by bit, very real. Also for very hot, without a single kiss, Spike with Faith in Buffy's body and Spike with Faith in Faith's body (end of season 7, don't remember the episode title). Those two characters together just sizzled for me, and it was clearly Faith's character and not the actresses, because it was there when SMG was Faith but not when she was Buffy.

In the same way, I saw great electricity between DB and CC in the "Waiting in the Wings" episode when they are possessed, but not when they were just Cordy and Angel. On the other hand, Cordy and Gru, cleaning scorch marks out of the rug!

I think my favorite Bangle kiss was the one in "I Only Have Eyes for You." Coming where it did in the arc it was sooo wrenching.
The EOD kiss was totally lame and I agree with you almost did ruin the whole episode for me. I think the big gotcha was being set up as we were supposed to wonder if Spike would go 'evil' on us...but I knew he wouldn't, he was too firmly set on his path to redemption by this time.

Still it did hurt, and I think thats why Spike couldn't beleive Buffy's declaration of love...he had seen her with Angel, but never heard the conversation afterwards when Buffy told Angel to leave and that Spike was 'in her heart'....

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Still it did hurt, and I think thats why Spike couldn't beleive Buffy's declaration of love...he had seen her with Angel,

Huh? I love my hubby, but come ex comes to town, I'm mackin' all over him, regardless of what's transpired in the interim! Doesn't everyone?
The EOD kiss was totally lame and I agree with you almost did ruin the whole episode for me. I think the big gotcha was being set up as we were supposed to wonder if Spike would go 'evil' on us

It was also the set-up for Spike's little drawing of Angel on the punching bag, and Buffy's wrastling "It could involve oil of some kind" comment, which was hilarious.
Dayum! How did I forget all about that Spangel kiss? Thanks to all who pointed out where it took place, and thanks to Moscow Watcher for linking to the GIF of it! Hee. Yeah, the forehead kisses of Buffy really do rock...
My vote goes for Buffy and Angel's first kiss....right before the first time she sees him as a vampire. That tells you everything right there.

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Love Spike. Never got Spuffy.
The OMWF feeling kiss was suprising and I am glad it happened but it was weird and awkward looking. I don't know how they got from that to the extreme hotness Tabula Rasa and subsequently Smashed.

I agree Xane, that Tabula Rasa kiss was extremely hot! I remember I sat straight up in my chair when they panned to under the stairs. *Fans self* Le sigh, James had chemistry with everybody.
Hmmm. Don't know if there's much to add here; it's all been said.

Great kisses: Cordy/Wesley (*loved* it), Tara/Willow in The Body (no, not sexually charged, but I was so glad they finally got to kiss, and in such an understated, not-the-focus-of-the-episode kind of way), Spike/Buffy in Tabula Rasa, Intervention, and (though much more than kissing) Smashed.

Great non-kisses: Oz/Willow in Innocence, when Oz turned down the offer. His reasons made me love him so much.

Bad kisses: Buffy/Angel in EoD. I agree with those who felt it was out of place. I forgave the writers because the series was wrapping up and I figured it was their gift to Bangel fans, but still...

Need to go back and check out the Spangel kiss, once I'm home with my DVDs!
My favorite Spuffy kiss is from Smashed. SMG and JM are amazing in that sequence,

I was never a Bangel. I think I was just too old (in my mid 30s) when the series began to get into it and I've always preferred my couples to have a lot of snark: Han/Leia, Mr D'arcy/Elizabeth Bennett, Scarlett/Rhett, Beatrice/Benedick and any couple from a classic screwball comedy are examples of the kind of romance I like to see. Buffy and Spike fit perfectly in that catergory. I also love Logan and Veronica and prefer Kate and Sawyer to Kate and Jack.

But I did love the Angelus arc and the amazing epis it generated.
I liked it in that one scene where Faith and Buffy... oh wait. Dang.
The best kiss for me in Buffy is always going to be Willow and Tara in The Body because it's sweet and natural and doesn't look like actors doing the fakey-kissing which bothers me even when I love the couple.
I'm a Spuffy shipper.... there's just no helping me. All Spuffy kisses are great in my book.

I also have to give a shout out to the Buffy/Faith forehead kiss in Graduation Day pt. II. One of the great scenes of sisterly love and forgiveness - brings tears to my eyes for Faith every time.

A side note for Veronica Mars - did anyone but me notice the inaccurate description of the Veronica/Logan balcony scene? Weapons of Mass Destruction had their first kiss and it was on the balcony and totally unexpected. The "sexy scene in the Neptune High bathroom" was a later episode, wasn't it? I know, I know... details, details. But still. Love the balcony scene.

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I was at the gym when I saw the Kate/Sawyer-tied-to-a-tree kiss. Legs a-pumping, iPod a-blasting, working my attractive purple-sweaty-pig face. I happen to glance up at the no-sound big-screen TV and... nearly fall off the treadmill.

OH yes. That was a goooood kiss. *reminisces fondly*

And I'd never even watched the show before that. (Naturally I started once I'd got home and towelled off (ahem.. what?).)

(Huh? What? "Buffy"? Eh? There was kissing in that show?)

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