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March 10 2003

How Sarah can become a Hollywood star or what she should do after Buffy finishes. So no Scooby Doo 3 then?

I agree with the writer, I think she is a very talented actress. It's just a pity she's starred in films that have never explored her range. And not ignoring Buffy fans is a very valid point.

Yeah, if she were to alienate the fans that got her where she is would be a one-way ticket down.
SMG should have taken a page from Kelsey Grammar. He's played Frasier for nineteen years and doesn't seem to regret it. When a show is named after the character that the actor portrays, that actor has a sort of responsibility. I understand wanting to leave while still on top. Seinfeld did that. He timed it very well actually. However at the same time, it's not just that one role that's going away. It's the whole cast. The crew. Everyone from the head writer to the guy who hangs the lights or the assistant who brings in the coffee.

Maybe the real problem is that though UPN still seems to want to stand behind the series, at the same time there hasn't been a positive response from a wide enough audience to bring in the advertisers. Perhaps SMG is just tired of pushing this rock up the hill, and doesn't feel like she's getting enough of a payback for her efforts. History will judge this series. The present is very strange for any television right now. The proliferation of reality television makes the effort of an honestly well-crafted and presented show like Buffy seem almost passe. I hope someday Buffy gets it's due.

I just can't shake this feeling that ultimately, though this might be a good time for it, SMG is being selfish in her decision to put the final nail in this coffin. She's heading over to the other side, thinking the grass is greener, and doesn't seem to appreciate how good it's been and how good it still could be if people didn't stop pushing the rock up the hill.

I dunno. If I thought there were no more tales to tell, I'd agree it's time to take the stake off the grill and call it done. But I don't. There's still some gas left in the tank. They're parking the car before they get to their destination. Maybe with the season seven finale I'll think differently. I'll think they actually made it. I dunno. Seven years is a good run. Nothin' to sneeze at. It just still doesn't seem finished. I'm not sure if a half dozen or so episodes left will be enough to tie up all the loose ends and call it a day.
It's never really occurred to me that SMG might do indie films, but that might actually be interesting. I don't understand why she'd go from something as complex and brilliant as "Buffy" to something as putrid as "Scooby Doo". I know she wanted a break, something different, but it's the wrong sort of different (and really not that different - it was like a really, really, really lame version of "Buffy" with no jokes). I'd like the EW-SMG. I might actually become a fan ('cause I'm not one now).

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