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February 13 2006

Photos from Toyfair International of forthcoming Buffy and Angel figures including human-faced Deluxe Spike and Angel, and the Xander series. has more pictures, including the Cordelia figures. And this pic seems to show a figure of Giles, a new version of Wesley with shirtsleeves rolled up, and Spike as Randy.

Those Spike figs are spot on! Lovely.
I love those deluxe action figures of Spike.
They're great, aren't they? (Which is nice to report.)
Seriously, these look like the best Spike faces yet! Happy.
Has anyone ever seen a Gunn action figure? I was digging around the internets and couldn't find anything.

I'd love to see a Giles with a little stage base and an acoustic guitar. And an earring.
There is no Gunn figure yet, which is a huge shame.
I am really excited about these upcoming lines, they look fantastic!
I'll be buying the Angel And Spike assortment, most likely in it's entirety. However, I am saddened by the crappiness of the Xander and Cordelia line. Ick.
Ew. I maintain my stance the Buffyverse figures have some of the poorest quality out there.

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