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February 13 2006

Pics of upcoming Serenity ornament taken at the 2006 International Toy Fair.

Dark Horse Comics displayed their upcoming Serenity spaceship ornament this week at the popular trade show. As reported earlier, this 6" long ornament will be available in April from and other online retailers for about $20. Don't call it a model.

Hope it's still coming with the stand as described on the TFAW website. Looks good though!
Awesome. I'm definitely going to be getting myself one of these. Possibly a 2nd to hang up at work.
That looks SO hot! I've got one on pre-order. Wish I could afford more.
Oh boy, is that ever shiny!

...And I totally did not sound like a little boy from the 50's just then.
Beautiful. I best print up pictures and order information to leave sitting around for my birthday. =)
That is beautiful! I'm getting two.
It's so pretty. Bless her and all who sail in her.

(Don't tell Mal I said that.)
Already pre-ordered it. It was listed in the February issue of Previews (but you had to have your orders in to your comic book clerk by last Saturday if I'm not mistaken).

There was also the Serenity zippo lighter that I ordered (I don't even smoke, but I do tend bar, so I guess it'll have some use) and the Firefly binder for the upcoming trading cards for the series.

All this stuff is supposed to come out in April. It's nice that we're getting new merchandise for both the series and the film.

It's funny, I gave up on buying Buffy merchandise years ago (the magazine, posters, the action figures, didn't even complete my Watcher's Guide books beyond the first two volumes), but I'm all over the Firefly/Serenity stuff. I guess 'cause it's more rare and, with the exception of the fairly awful Serenity figures, seems to be of a higher quality in general. Or at least, they seem to put more thought into some of it.

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Update: a much larger gallery of pics from the same trade show is is now up
but the demand on that site's server has been rather strong.

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