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February 13 2006

FilmFocus running "Serenity: 2005 Film of the Year" special to celebrate the upcoming DVD. FilmFocus will probably be interviewing Joss soon. (Next week). (But I'm not stalking you, Joss). (I think).

(Puts the bush away). (Steps away from the cheese). (I define the cheese, the cheese doesn't define me).

A link would be good.
Oh. Yes. That's a very good point.

I did not just post a Whedonesque story without a link. Oh no. I wouldn't do that.

(Grabs bush).
Joss-stalking is par for the course on here, gossi.

Posting-without-a-link, however, is utterly unforgiveable.
Yes, I am king of the rubbish heap. I mean, Joss uses Google, and I got nothing. I really do have a lot of posts in me, I just don't know how to post me. Respect the Whedonesque, and tame the post!
Hmm... well, that's a pretty interesting list for the Top 25 of 2005. Nice that Serenity grabbed #1, though I'M not even sure if I'd give it the top spot for the year.
You! Adam_tvs. Back away from the cheese and put your hands up.
Obviously a member of the criminal element in our very own midst.
Say... you all didn't happen to do a bunch of drugs, did ya? But, yes, while I love Serenity with every fibre of my being, I saw Brokeback Mountain on Saturday night and well... I think it takes top spot for the year. Although, technically, I saw it in 2006. But it's a 2005 movie. Sorry, fellow Whedonites.
Hee. I enjoyed Brokeback, and it's well deserving of a high 'film of the year' placement, but I wouldn't put it at the top of any list. I think Serenity sits there for me, looking back at 2005. It's a tough one to call as the promotional experience was very eye opening, exciting, occasionally depressing, very expensive (to me personally) and all that joy - but in terms of the film, the first few times I saw it, it literally blew me away. I remember feeling that way to much of an extent about The Matrix the first time I saw that - mixed genres, mixed cultures, the real world reveal (those guys were really at the top of their game).

When a film turns me into Chandler (OH MY GOD), it's generally well up there.

2006 - Walk The Line, Grisly Man and Munich. All great. Good start to year.

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Sits in the non-craxy Brokeback corner with adam_tvs.
Btw if you are in the UK, I am sure you have all seen this already, but DVD Review magazine, March edition, has Summer on the cover and a “your must own guide to Joss Whedon’s world” special inside. Nothing new, but nice to have.

I am very impressed with the PR efforts of the UK distributor, both for the movie and now the DVD.

Have to side with adam_tvs and Allyson. My top three movies for 2005 are Brokeback Mountain, History of Violence and Serenity. Probably in that order (sorry, but just my opinion). If you liked Brokeback btw consider renting Ang Lee's 'Icestorm' which is just a brilliant movie.
I liked "Brokeback Mountain", even though it left me depressed for two days, and I thought it was an excellent movie, but nothing compared to the reaction I had when I saw the preview (not-quite-finished) screening of "Serenity" on May 26th. I had the same reaction at the screening in June, at the preview in September, the twice I saw it opening day and, for that matter, each of the 16 times I saw it in theatres! (I know Lioness is still one up on me there.)

Every time I saw it, I got a thrill the first time Serenity (the ship) appeared on screen with David Newman's wonderful theme. Every time, I braced myself for the battle and the aftermath. And every time, I came out of the theatre feeling drained emotionally and, at the same time, exhilirated at the story, the characters, and something new I had noticed. So for me, it is definitely the top movie of 2005.

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