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February 14 2006

SereniGEEK! Two Geeks, a Mic, and a Podcast tackle the Firefly/Serenity universe in their first show-specific 'cast. Good choice lads :)

Naturally the podcast contains spoilers for the series, the comic books and the movie almost from the off.

It's always nice to hear more about the 'Verse, but it get's slightly annoying due to the amount of mistakes and errors about the show.
It was a decient Podcast on Firefly with one flaw. The podcasters described Objects in Space as "not being one of Joss Whedon's best directions" and I about fliped out because I feel that OIS is perhaps the finest and deepest form of Sci-Fi art I have ever seen in a television format. To hear these guys downplay the episode highlights a lack of understanding.

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