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February 14 2006

Your 'Verse. Your Words. "A clearinghouse of audio commentary tracks recorded by Browncoats for episodes of the Joss Whedon television series Firefly and its major motion picture follow-up Serenity."

Though it's a very pretty set up, not much to look at yet. A few fan-based commentaryies on the movie and one for The Message. Shame no one's tackled the episodes that are sorely missing audio commentaries on the original DVD set. Ariel, Jaynestown, Safe, and Heart of Gold particularly desperately need the obsessed touch of a handful of browncoats that just can't get enough of this series. I'd tackle one myself but when I think of what I would say, I draw a blank. I've been looking for fan-based commentaries on the Web of Firefly episodes. This here is a start but I was really hoping that by now we'd have a whole galaxy of them.

Apologies if this has been posted before. I did a search in this site for this link and found nothing, and the site in question desperately needs some input. It's a great idea! Just needs a little push is all.

I second the it's a great idea. And I for one have never heard of this before. Thanks for posting it ZM. And thanks for making it happen, trueb!x.
If I recall correctly, I know of at least two other movie commentaries in the pipeline from people. And, in fact, my own personal next project will be Ariel.
Show Talkers had some commentaries of Buffy, Angel and Firefly episodes at one time if memory serves, back when they were still calling themselves "Buffy Radio" there was a lot of ..dare I use the word ...potential? But not seeing much Whedonishness there now. Shame.

I wonder if there was some way a handful of us could get something like Teamspeak or Ventrillo, all be online at the same time, in our respective locations all of us could turn on a Firefly episode at the same time with a "3.2.1." countdown, and try to record a trans-continental DVD commentary that way. Would be hard to orchestrate and the end result may or may not be listenable to anyone not a diehard fan, but would be fun to do a virtual conference where several Whedonesque fans participated in recording a DVD commentary. Another possibility would be for several people to record themselves talking, and then someone could edit through all the submissions and try to put something together that people would want to listen to. There's several possibilities but not sure if there's much of an audience.

I just saw (just this evening mind you) The River Tam Sessions and am quite stoked at the creative genius behind it. I'm also probably gonna get nightmares tonight. Rather looking forward to it. Whedon, Glau, and all involved --simply awesome. I wish they could do more short subject things like that. I'd really like to see "home movies" of Mal Reynolds (portrayed by Nathan Fillion of course) on his final days on Shadow, before the war. Would be interesting if they somehow explored who Zoe was before she met Mal. A low budget short subject film of Wash playing with shadow puppets at an Alliance hospital could be hilarious. A dance recital of River Tam recorded by her parents, where she first learns about the Academy and voices her interest to them for the first time. There's so much potential here but, again, not sure if there's an audience beyond the Browncoats and doubt Whedon's particular 'powers that be' could amass the capital, even for low-budget works.

Anyway. Fans can contribute in some ways on their own, and commentaries might be an interesting way to start.
Oh God, I so need to do this...I've been wanting to, actually...I just need to get a microphone! :'(

I actually recorded commentaries for the first three Buffy episodes via audiocassette. :-D
How about this rather extensive Firefly commentary from Phillip B. Gaines?
At one time I had started making notes about things I'd want to say watching Bushwhacked. Just can't find the notepad now. =( maybe I deleted it. Guess I'll start over.
ZachsWhacked is now online. *smirk*

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