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February 14 2006

Nathan Fillion to star in 'White Noise 2: The Light'. Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica) is in negotiations to join him on the sequel to the 2005 hit.

It's probably not fair to diss the first "White Noise," since I didn't actually see it. (I did read Don Delilo's novel of the same name, which I actually thought for half a second might be the basis of the movie, until I remembered that that was impossible, because it was summer and the 14 year old male audience for that would be minimal.) Nevertheless, let me be both the first to comment on the irony of this movie getting a sequel over the obvious.

Also -- absolutely, positively no snarky sarcasm intended -- congrats to Nathan. Actor guys gotta work!

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Oh dear Lord God, no. Okay, yeah, didn't see the first White Noise. But judging from the reaction that one received, this one is likely to fare even worse.

I mean, I wish Nathan all the best, we all know how amazingly talented he is, but this just screams "paycheck."

Damn you, people of the world who didn't go out to see Serenity.
Yep. Nathan needs a paycheck -- I think it's safe to assume the man isn't getting the Harrison Ford/Julia Roberts level money he so richly deserves.

In fact, we all need a paycheck.

In fact, I could use one more than most, and am hereby offering my services as Unit Publicist on "White Noise II: The Light," sure to be among the most spine tingling supernatural thrillers of 2007!

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Hooray for Nathan! Get out there and make yourself a big moviestar who can demand a Serenity sequel!
I never saw it, but is that the movie where the villain was a computer? Oh God.
White Noise sucked. But as a huuuuuuge Battlestar fan, I am geeking out over seeing Mal and Starbuck together.
Bear in mind that this could be a direct to DVD sequel that the studios are so fond of these days.
Hooray for Nathan! Get out there and make yourself a big movie star who can demand a Serenity sequel!

Amen to that! It's just like a wise man said: "Find a job. Keep flying." ;-)
Mans gotta eat.

And, you know, at least it's not Mammoth.
And, you know, at least it's not Mammoth.

Hey, woman's gotta eat, too! ;-)
bobster you made me laugh out loud. I also have read the book.

Could be so much worse. At least Nathan isnít doing an Affleck and is appearing in Paycheck. Plus he can actually act.
I thought that White had potential, it started out as a spooky haunted story, plus I love Michael Keaton, but the last 45 minutes blew monkeys! The premise was a man loses his beloved wife in a bizarre accident, and then days later starts to recieve phone calls from her cell phone, which has been turned off. Pretty creepy and he is all freaked out over it, so he starts to consult paranormal experts. He meets a man who does recordings of ghosts, or EVP, electric voice phenomenon. Very creepy, but then the plot goes way off track. But like I said it could have been a really good ghost story.
I haven't seen White Noise, but this is probably not going to be the best thing around. Still, with these two actors, I'll probably end up watching it regardless, probably even without bothering to watch the first one ;-).

Other than that, I agree with the sentiments here. Getting a paycheck is not a bad thing.
I hope Nathan enjoys his paycheck :) But I've already seen Starbuck die in a horror movie (Halloween: Resurrection), so that's no fun anymore.
But as a huuuuuuge Battlestar fan, I am geeking out over seeing Mal and Starbuck together.

Same here. I'll go see this in the theater (if it's released in one) just for that!
I thought White Noise was terrible, but I hope its sequel won't be, although that doesn't seem too likely. Hopefully it will at least earn a terrific performance from Nathan and raise his visibility, even if it isn't great.
God no!!!
Nathan, what are you doing? You deserve better!
White Noise did suck (though the commercials were well done in my opinion) but it did earn $24 mil its opening weekend. Its a horror movie so people will go see it. This sequel will only help Nathan's exposure. The man taking a chance on a known product isn't too bad a move to me.
The plot sounds like that X-Files episode about the crime photographer who couldn't die, but could see those who were about to die. Well, it was a good episode, at least.
Nathan, you're killing me... I'm not much of a horror fan, and now you want me to go see two of them. I'll do it for you, but please move on to something else - paycheck not withstanding;-)
Hehe... yeah I am not a fan of horror films either. I don't know about Slither(even if its funny), and White Noise 2 eek.. However it is a paycheck, and alot of people love to check these out, so it can only raise his profile not push him into obscurity( I hope...).

But no fret coolpeace, there is that movie romantic comedy Waitress, which apparently is filming(according to imdb). I will definately see that.
that is just silly! White Noise 2, really? I saw the first movie on DVD and I did not like it.
Thanks kurya for reminding me of Waitress. My mind went temporarily blank after seeing the word horror associated with Nathan ... again. I feel better now.

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