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February 14 2006

Joss Whedon talks about his projects. Transcript and video interview with Joss from the recent premiere of 'Date Movie'. Likelihood of a Serenity sequel, the current status of the Spike movie, the Wonder Woman script and casting, Goners and Astonishing X-Men all get discussed.

Wow, that was a great interview. I cannot wait for Wonder Woman (I would have never said that unless Joss was doing). It sounds like he's something great going on with it. I love that he is so excited about the script that he wrote. That really builds my excitment for it. Goners sounds good too, and I really hope the Spike movie gets made.
I'm not really into war movies but i'm definitely going to check out this "Star Wars" that he mentions, could be good.

but the fact of the matter is nobody is calling right now

Hmm, so no surprise confirmation of a Firefly return. Colour me amazed.
Saje, I was about to post that very thought myself, but you beat me to it! BTW, lol on that war film you're interested in, and also the poultry list on the other thread.

Sorry, Kristin, but you ain't right, girl! ;-)
I presume he's waiting to hear from 20th Century Fox about the Spike movie.
Yeah Simon, that's also what i thought.
I'm just happy that Joss himself wants to see it happen.
I'd love the idea of a Serenity radio sequel, too. Joss's dialogue can be so good, you really don't need pictures all the time.

I just love Joss interviews. Thanks for posting that.
When was the San Fran Wonder Con? Just wondering (haha) how much up to date that interview is ...
I have high hopes for a Spike movie too! One, I love the character Spike. Two, I hope it will lead to a continuation of the 'verse in some form whether it be other character-centric movies, a Fray series, or something else.
Paul Sorvino?! What about Morgan Freeman, dude?

Actually, Mira Sorvino might look better in that bustier than her father.

Anyway, much Jossy goodness to enjoy!
A Firefly radio show, the BDRS... I would soooo listen to that!!!
Well that was nifty!
I'd love the idea of a Serenity radio sequel, too. Joss's dialogue can be so good, you really don't need pictures all the time.

Or, if he really feels the need to try to cram more projects in his life, he could take a page from his own R. Tam Sessions, and write and record audio clips that purport to be things like Alliance interviews for Mal and Zoe once people were finally airlifted out of Serenity Valley, right at the end of the war.

Things like that.

(No, I don't actually expect him to wedge such a thing into his schedule. I'm just saying....)
OHHHHH...I got me some goosebumps.... fantastic ... I always love to hear from that guy....could I be obsessed? Never, what a stupid question!!

On a more serious note, I really hope that he concentrates on the two upcoming projects, I look forward to what he is developing. The story for Wonder Woman sounds more and more interesting everytime he talks about it, and a whole new villian based on greek mythology. I loved the way he worked out the character of the Operative, and so if he does the same thing for Wonder Woman I will be on cloud 9. One thing I know, is that Joss Whedon won't do cookie cutter heros and villians. *fingers crossed the studio will love WW script*. Seriously I am thirsty and hungry for more Joss productions. (and no I am still not an obsessed fan!!!)

ETA: I was thinking, you know there is that axiom, that the more things you try to do well, the less successful you are. He has a full plate enough as it is, and so I honestly hope that he does not think about doing a Serenity sequel right now. As much as I love the verse, I want him to do good quality productions, and if he is juggling too many things, then he may not be able to pull it off. After he has done WW & goners, then I will hope he revisits Serenity in some form.

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Despite some hope of a possible Spike movie, reality is finally setting in. The truth of the matter is we are in the final countdown in terms of a telemovie. The longer the wait, the less likely that it will every happen. The clock is ticking and Joss recent comments on IESB don't give me much hope.

He states "I haven't had any kind of word yet". So he is obviously waiting for a call from a network?!? Didn't the WB state they have approached Joss? So why would he need to wait for a call? Either the WB suits are full of crudola (which is very likely) or JW is just nicely saying it aint gonna happen. He didn't even mention that TM was working on anything.
After he has done WW & goners, then I will hope he revisits Serenity in some form.

That's actually what I consider to me the most likely scenario, especially if WW and Goners do well enough for him to be able to turn around to Versal and go, "Okay, so about Serenity 2."

Which is not to say I view those films just as a stepping stone. I'm looking forward to both of them.

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Must agree with you, DarenG. As much as I would like to see some continuation of the Buffyverse on film, I don't think it sounds very likely either. Which makes me sad.
Didn't the WB state they have approached Joss?

No, actually, they didn't. Besides, they weren't really in the picture anyway because even before the CW news as Joss was talking about straight to dvd. The word has to come from 20th Century. We've got 3 more years, then its definately over, at least, for the Spike movie.
If Joss feels the need to cram more projects into his life, I suggest that now is the perfect time to write that novel. Think about it, He's finishing off Wonder Woman and polishing up Goners. He's done all the thinking for X-Men and has the Buffy plot laid out in full. He needs a new creative outlet. He needs to be able to invent a new world.He needs to write a novel.
Ariane, Wonder Con was this past weekend, darling.

I'm definitely looking forward to Wonder Woman, but one thing here does not bode well concerning some of the more comic fanboy purists, which is that Joss is using his own Big Bad for Wonder Woman. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for it. Joss can do no wrong.

But there's going to be huge comic fanpeople uproards elsewhere, and I really hope it doesn't affect Wonder Woman, and by extension any of Joss' work, too adversely.
Well way I see it Joss has a point. I'm a comic book fan and I can't think of one Wonder Woman villain memorable or otherwise.
Lol, no he definitely does have a point. Using Ares would make it too Xena-ish, which I'm sure we all want to stay far away from. Cheetah and Circe wouldn't do too well as major villains, and neither would Silver Swan. And even though Dr. Psycho is such a cool character, still...I don't see him as a major villain.

Kind of sucks that a character who's been around so long has such a cruddy rogue's gallery.
I am REALLY interested in Goners. Can't wait.
I'm wondering if Joss will be writing the comic book adaptation of the Wonder Woman movie. I'd be tickled pink if he did.
Yep. My first thought was that there was going to be an uproar from the comics fans. Then I thought uproar is good. Then I tried to think of a WW villain. Then I ate lunch.
Re: WW casting. I say they go all the way and cast Ernest Borgnine. Sure, the man just turned 89, but, like Joss said, she's young even if she's not, and Mr. Borgnine will bring all sorts of colors and stuff. And we know Joss loves "The Wild Bunch", so there can be all sorts of call-backs to the character of Dutch Engstrom.

It's just sad that William Bendix, Eugene Pallette, and Lee Marvin are all unable to take a role so obviously tailor made for their unique sensibilities.
Now that's got legs. Instead of an invisible jet, 'she' could have an invisible prototype attack helicopter co-piloted by a young hotshot made bitter by time served in the Pelopponesian war. Together they'd use the copter to perform missions to help Amazons everywhere while simultaneously keeping it hidden from the gods of Olympus.

I smell franchise.
I am sure I read a comment from the head of the WB, saying they approached JW about a SPIKE movie and were waiting for him to be available. At any rate, now with CW I am sure all bets are off. Having said that I sort of think that put a nail in the coffin unless it goes straight to DVD. All I am saying is TICK...TOCK...TICK...TOCK. The longer it takes the less likely it will happen. I actually have more faith in a Firefly mini-series or telemovie then I do anything Angel/Buffy related. I have done a complete reversal since last year.
I'll sit thorough WW because it's Joss, looking forward to Goners, and thanks to you all raving about Firefly I just had to get hooked, watch the movie, and get completely addicted. That would be my top choice for continuation.

Please forgive me, I did already check the archives, but around this time last year we were hearing about the Buffy Animated Pilot being shopped, voicework and animation done on it, characters were redesigned to look like the cover art of books, it was even showing up on mainstream stuff like Yahoo News, and that has just evaporated.

Did I miss the announcement that it was dead in the water, did all the networks pass on it? Joss doesn't even mention it in interviews anymore, and with most of the former actors willing to do it I would figure that would get brought up in some way shape or form. I assume it's a no-go, but any info on what happend would be appreciated.
Buffy: Animated didn't get picked up from I can remember Joss saying in an interview a few months back.
Joss stated that the animated Buffy project was dead. I don't think anyone really knows the full story of what happened with that, but basically it's not going to happen.
WW's Big Bad is from Greek mythology, hmmm? I'll have to go look. And there is no reason, especially knowing Joss,(not that I do, you understand) that the villain is male.
The Gorgon perhaps?
and no I am still not an obsessed fan!!!

Huhh, Kurya, reality check...maybe just a little bit obsessive. But we wouldn't have you any other way. *hugs kurya*

Great interview, I enjoyed his obvious excitement for WW. I'm looking forward to that, so heres to the studio liking the script. Also "...she's young whether or not she's actually young..." is very interesting - mucho opportunities for good character development...yay!!

I also like that he is very clear about the 'verse as to the potential for more Firefly:

"...if someone is interested in some permutations of this world and these actors down line, I'm never not going to be interested, I love these people, and I love the people that they play...I'm waiting to see."

This to me is more clear than what was said in the past (and in his own words - and so no misunderstandings) and leaves not a doubt as to how he feels about potential continuation of Firefly. For me that is most exciting. Is he putting studios and execs on notice? C'mon people - let his phone ring!!!

As much as I loved the BDM, and would love the sequels, I do believe that Joss' ability to develop characters and storylines is better suited for TV (or radio ;-)).
"...she's young whether or not she's actually young..."

Hmm. Brings to mind a little 6FU... Maybe she's an old lady on her death bed, and the whole movie is just her remembering her life as a young hero.

I could get behind that. Cool.
Isn't he just saying that the character will seem young in maturity when she is actually like 2,000 years old or something. Sorry, I don't know much about Wonder Woman that wasn't on Superfriends when I was 8.
Willowy - that is interesting. But, maybe it would curtail possible sequels - if she doesn't get off that death bed in time :)
Yes TamaraC - that is what I think he meant... not so much maturity as in age but experience with life and the ways of the world.
This to me is more clear than what was said in the past (and in his own words - and so no misunderstandings) and leaves not a doubt as to how he feels about potential continuation of Firefly.

This is baffling to me. We've had at least two other instances of Joss addressing that oint in his own words, with no intermiediaries. Heh. It's not really news that he feels this way.
Don't be baffled, I'm sorry if my nuances did not come thru... its 3am and I am not sleeping.

I was not trying to say that it was news to us but rather to ... anyone interested in any permutations, he would not say no... and he is waiting to see.

To me he was sending a message to the powers that be ... which is more interesting than the gossip of the last few days.


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