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February 14 2006

Variety confirms Tim Minear's new pilot 'Drive', gives details. In Variety speak, the pilot is "a sudser revolving around an "Amazing Race" competish, but on acid" (best phrase ever!). In normal everyday English, it's about a bunch of people competing in an illegal cross-country road race.

Mmm... Tim Minear... but no, Tim Minear can't do another show until he directs that Spike movie (Fanboy sadness).

That said, I don't have anywhere near enough information about this show to feel anything either way. However, seeing as it's Tim Minear, I think it's safe to say that it will be interesting.

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The premise sounds a bit meh, but then most pilot outlines do. Hopefully more details will emerge as the pilot goes into production.
Good to see it confirmed by "The" trade paper.


Al Murray? On a US show? What were they thinking...

And a US remake of Worst Week? After their dull remake of the fantastic Coupling I dread to see what they do with this. Both shows starred the hot (and talented) Sarah Alexander. Mmmm.......
Is Tim glutten for punishment? Why Fox?
I hate reading Variety's version of English, but I find it funny they now have links to definititions of their odd words. But, yay on confirmation!!!
Is Tim glutten for punishment? Why Fox?

His deal is with 20th. 20th sold the show to FOX. He is under contract to develop shows for 20th. 20th then sells shows to whichever network. Fox usually gets the first bite at the apple.

Second verse, same as the first...
Is Tim glutten for punishment? Why Fox?

Target demographic wise, that show is what Fox want I suspect. Plus, he works for 20th Century Fox... And although they aren't supposed to be connected, they so are.
So...the Cannonball Run on a weekly basis? Can't really say the premise sets me on fire, but who knows...
Yeah, EdDantes, I was thinking the same thing. I hope people aren't expecting Burt Reynolds to be part of this.
Mmm...acid. I've been missing my dose of "fresh" Minear on TV. Well I've also been missing (with varying degrees) Joss Whedon, Bryan Fuller and soon enough Mitchell Hurwitz among others *sigh*.
It sounds like fun and different from what's doing the rounds on primetime US telly at the moment. The Inside has being airing on the UK here, and I've fallen deeply in love with it. It sparkles mightily.
Yes, The Inside sparkled mightily indeed. I have full beath-holding mode ready, Tim has yet to disappoint. I'll be glued to the set for the between 1 and 4 episodes of this that will air. Hey, any news on Inside dvd-age yet?
Why would the UK(or anyone else) pick up a show already canceled? You either have a guaranteed clunker, or guaranteed disappointed fans if it happens to catch on. Where's the good, from the network pov?
I would imagine that cancelled US shows are sold at a cheaper rate to overseas networks than currently airing US shows. Many of the channels here don't make their own programmes and vastly rely on foreign (i.e. US) imports.
Rogue, i'd guess because it's cheap. The Inside is on ITV4 a fairly new independent channel (i.e. not the BBC) which has the likes of 'Return of The Saint' and 'Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)' repeats so any original programming is gonna be welcome (especially at bargain prices). Sky One bought Wonderfalls (and showed all 13 episodes) after it'd been cancelled too.
"I'm Roger Moore."


"Roger Moore."

Man, I loved "The Cannonball Run" when I was 10 years old.
Wonderfalls had a crappy written premise too ... "souvenirs talk to a bitter chick". Look at the true wonderfully brilliance that ended up being! Don't count your Minears before they pilot.
Wonderfalls worked well as a 13 episode series, it wrapped up neatly, and it's something I'm happy to watch again and again.

I wouldn't want to take the joy of those 13 episodes away just because there weren't 22, 44, or a hundred episodes of it.

The 13 aren't less enjoyable because it's not 22, it's just more precious, I think.
Sounds kinda cheap... But I'm gonna put my trust in Tim. The guy even managed to get me involved in a procedual which says something. Of course, if it gets picked up it's gonna get canceled in no time because FOX hates quality and wishes to destroy it as fast as possible. But atleast there will be 4 weeks of enjoyment to be had.
In reference to Rogue's question, don't other countries have a different tradition when it comes to series TV? I mean if you go into something knowing there are 13 episodes and will be no more, and your TV tradition is to do sets of 10 or 12 episodes anyway, is it such a big heartbreak?

As far as the premise of the pilot, I do not judge a show by its premise unless it is just inherently (sp?) objectionable. Something like lets take some happy couples and see if we can get them to fight and break up would qualify. ...Wait a minute, I think they did that one and it did qualify. In the hands of the right artist, just about anything can be good. Tim is an artist. I look forward to seeing his next work.
newcj brings up a point that I forgot about. Most drama shows in the UK are around 6 or 8 episodes a series (or season as the Americans would say) and have their plot arcs more or less wrapped up by the finale.
The Amazing Race is the one reality show I thought sounded good. (Of course, I didn't actually watch it.) I am excited for Tim and hope this show actually gets picked up and is a huge chart busting hit.
Yep, that's also true newcj. Until recently in the UK a 'season' typically consisted of 6-8 episodes so 13 episodes would be two series worth of TV. In the last few years tho' some shows (especially those which may have a market in the US e.g. 'Spooks' which is 'MI5' over there) have expanded to 10-12 episodes, presumably to fit in better with overseas schedules.

Which is why you have a widely acknowledged masterpiece like 'Fawlty Towers' which appears to have only run for 12 episodes or less than half a season.

ETA: which is what Simon said above ;).

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newcj brings up a point that I forgot about. Most drama shows in the UK are around 6 or 8 episodes a series (or season as the Americans would say) and have their plot arcs more or less wrapped up by the finale.

Yeah! Imagine my disappointment when hubby finally got me into Cracker, only to drop the bomb on me that there were barely enough episodes to fill a standard US season!
Uhmm... well... I'm interested bacause is a Minear show, but... oh well :S
Take heart Rogue Slayer, there's a one-off special in the works for broadcast this year which'll take it up to, ooh, easily enough episodes for a US season ;).

(must say Cracker was one of those shows which had me shaking my head in despair when I found out there was a US remake - tho' in fairness I didn't see any of 'Fitz' so it's probably not fair of me to prejudge - but it was just so brilliant as it was, why remake it ?).
Saje don't be teasing...'Cause, honest-to-Pete, a young shopkeeper's heart can only take so much. Will we have more Panhandle??

And I heard about the remake but never saw it. I mean, it had the painter from Murphy Brown as Fitz...puh-lease!
I think this sounds great. It's different than anything on TV right now and I think there's so much you can do with the premise. Anyway, it's not the premise that counts, it's what they do with it. I'm interested in who will be cast. I do have one request though: Alexis Denisof. Please Tim, give that guy a new show!
So...the Cannonball Run on a weekly basis? Can't really say the premise sets me on fire, but who knows...

I'm sure Tim will find a way to make it dark. A cross country race is a great way to smuggle something or someone. There could be a body in the trunk. Besides I can't remember the last show that had weekly car chases!
Well, back on topic...I haven't been impressed by Tim's 'solo' attempts (Wonderfalls and The Inside) thusfar, but I'll always give it a shot. I like to support the 'versesessesseees peeps and at the very least give them a chance to hook me with their new stuff. So, go Tim!
Rogue, Penhaligon may be back. There seem to be conflicting reports on that score (i'd certainly miss her if she wasn't). This site has some details tho' it may be slightly spoilery.

I'll be giving 'Drive' a chance anyway tho', as others have said, the premise doesn't exactly inspire the dance of joy. The lad's got game tho' (I really enjoyed Wonderfalls) and if anyone can make this worth watching (apart from his purple Jossness) it's TM.
Saje I saw the US version of Cracker (it was actually called Cracker their, Fitz was the UK title), you were right to avoid it.

It's primary problem was that it tried to condense the 2 or so hours of an ITV two parter into 42 minutes. The pilot for example had the same basic crime as the first British two parter. This left little time for the character moments that defined Cracker, little build up of suspense, and very little cracking. Character faults that were carried over were toned substantially down. Essentially it could have been any other US procedural.
Why would I optionally watch a show I know is already cancelled is also an interestinbg question.

Answer: if it's something like The Inside or Wonderfalls, the creators had the foresight to make the 13 episodes one complete arc. I'm counting the days down to the new 'The Inside' episodes air, because the last few that aired on US TV were all outstanding - things like 'Declawed' were truly creepy for the reason of the main character focus. It's a procedual but it's actually all about the characters - the crime is just the back drop for learning about who those people are, and some of them are fucked up.

So, in other words, Tim good.
Road race shows are so not my thing. Unless it has the abominable snow woman or something like that in it, I might sit this one out.
"Why would I optionally watch a show I know is already cancelled is also an interestinbg question."

Profit is one of the best canceled series that I've ever seen. I realize that it's all subjective, but there is definitely an argument for watching/buying a xxld show, whatever your reason may be.
Mmm Profit, oh how I adored that evil evil man.

I quite enjoyed the Inside (the later episodes were fantastic.) I haven't seen any of the originally "unaired" episodes yet. With that said, I look forward to another mini-series from Tim Minear. Wait... Damn you Fox!
"Why would I optionally watch a show I know is already cancelled is also an interesting question."

A question for which lots of interesting answers are available from those of us who bought the Firefly DVD boxset on word of mouth long after the show was cancelled and, in many cases, well before the BDM was on the horizon.
I adored Tim's work on Angel and Firefly, I thought Wonderfalls was brilliant. Much to my regret I haven't caught 'The Inside' on UK tv yet but if I get the chance I'll watch 'Drive' just to see what Tim does with the premise.
Well, I pretty much agree with most. The premise does not inspire any awe here either, but seeing as it's Tim, I'm gonna be watching when it hits the airwaves. Ofcourse, I've not loved everything the man has done. His work on Angel and Firefly gave us outstanding episodes which were true highlights on the shows (on Angel I'd look forward to a new Minear ep in the same way I look forward to Joss eps), and I loved The Inside to bits (although I haven't seen all the episodes yet, either), but I just never got into Wonderfalls, sadly.

The characters to me just didn't feel real, more charicature than anything else, and mostly just carriers for - admittedly - great situations or very funny dialogue. So while I liked (and even admired) it on the surface, I just couldn't connect with anyone on a personal level and as such the show just never clicked.

Still, after Joss and Aaron Sorkin, Tim's probably still my third favorite tv-writer, so I'm certainly looking forward to this.

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