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"Wasn't that guy dead?"
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February 15 2006

Twelve browncoats mud-wrestle for Kaylee's wrench. The Serenity prop giveaway contest is in final judging this week, hear excerpts from all twelve finalists on the latest mini-cast. The winner of the wrench will be announced on Friday's podcast.

The other day, I finally remembered I needed to finish my entry. And by "the other day" of course I mean two days after the deadline.
Dude, is there actual mud-wrestling?

If so...I am so there.
I remember at the Flan some guy bid way too much money for the sign that was on Kaylee's door.
This is possibly the craziest story I've seen in... well... a while.
With blurry morning eyes I thought 'mud-wrestle' said 'murdered'. This is much much much better than death.

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