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March 11 2003

(SPOILER) Boreanaz talks Angel 4th season wrapup and gives some pointers for next season.

"A new beginning and a different look at Angel" for season 5, I wonder what he could mean?

It can only mean a haircut.

More and more I'm getting a 'current affairs' vibe from both BtVS and Angel.
Or the Angel ensemble cast setting up a new base in Sunnydale.
Oh no, that would be awful, I think. Sunnydale's claustrophobic. The Bronze. The School. The Cemetary. Smalltown probs. I've always hoped for Xander to escape smalltown. Find a challenge elsewhere. Someone close Sunnydale, please. Hellmouth and all.
This is only going to add fuel to the Shanshu fire, as it were. I can't believe Joss would do that with at least one season left, but my feeble brain can't figure out how else Angel can find a "new beginning."

And what's Jasmine got to do with it? Isn't she the BB? Isn't she going to go away? Please tell me we're not facing an entire season of Angel & Co as a higher being's butt-monkeys.

Edited to add: new Angel spoilers are out. Check, no more butt-monkey (by Episode 20). Whew.

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Here's my overly wishful take on it:

Turns out Connor's the big bad, and his evil demon spawn has been controlling Cordelia a la "Expecting". Fred and Gunn figure it out and the three of them battle to their mutual deaths. Then Lorne spontaneously bursts into flames and dies. Also that Gwen girl goes swimming and fries herself (how does she bathe by the way?). Thus returning us to the (almost) original triad. Back to the good old non-ridiculous-soap-opera days.

I must say though, with the exception of Gunn, Fred and Lorne I'd say Season three was my personal fave - so maybe they'll magically return Darla, Dru and Lilah to the show. That would be fun :)
Then Lorne spontaneously bursts into flames and dies.

What?! How could you not like Lorne!

[ edited by samara1 on 2003-03-11 23:52 ]
It's not that I don't like Lorne, it's just that he (as well as fred and gunn) don't add anything to the series. They just add bloat - over the two or three years they've been on the show they haven't grown or developed in any way. They're really just recurring plot devices, providing info or muscle when necessary but not really capable of holding their own story-lines. Fred did show some promise in the beginning, but it seems as if this season she's been pretty useless.

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