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February 15 2006

Serenity gets nominated for the 32nd Annual Saturn Awards. The movie itself got nominated for Best Science Fiction Film and Summer Glau gets a nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Those relevant categories in full:


Fantastic Four
The Island
The Jacket
Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith
War of the Worlds


Jessica Alba (“Sin City”)
Jennifer Carpenter (“The Exorcism of Emily Rose”)
Summer Glau (“Serenity”)
Katie Holmes (“Batman Begins”)
Michelle Monaghan (“Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang”)
Gena Rowlands (“The Skeleton Key”)

Well, nice that [i]Serenity[/i] and Summer both got a shout out...but I noticed when I went to the site that they spelled [i]Serenity[/i] without a "y", and am a little cranky about that. *walks off grumbling*
How can Summer be nominated for Best Supporting Actress? She's the lead!
Nathan must be up for best actress.
I mean she's way hot, but Jessica Alba nominated for acting in "Sin City"? Are you kidding me? Well, I guess I have a clear favorite in this category. Go Summer GO! ;-)
Ummm... Why isn't Nathan nominated? Has the Sci-Fi genre been SO intriquing this past year that one of the best preformances PERIOD of the year has been overlooked. *shakes head*
To quote Wash: "I'm confused..." Why is Katie Holmes is even nominated? I thought the category was Best ACTRESS. I love Batman Begins, but Katie Holmes was the weakest link of all the actors in that movie. And Sin City? Love it, but I agree with billz, Jessica Alba looked better than she acted. Hands down, Summer Glau had the most to do acting (and action) wise. And she brought it, y'all. Brought. It.

And I'm with CinJudes, why wasn't Nathan nominated?! Tom Cruise?? WTF! Did these people even see Nathan's performance in Serenity? I would think that the contest would be 'tween Nathan and Christian Bale. (Mmmmmmm....Christian Bale...)

[ edited by AmazonGirl on 2006-02-15 16:24 ]
Well I still can't get my head around the guy who plays Anankin (sorry his name escapes me) getting nominated for Leading Role. Nathan and Chewi put in far superior performances imo.

I saw RotS for the first time 2 weeks ago and I am still in shock, I was expecting to be disappointed, but not horrified.
Okay, Serenity is nominated, which is great. But what are Fantastic Four and The Island doing on the nomination list? I can see War of the Worlds for its gritty pleasure, I can see Revenge of the Sith because it's the best of the prequels (albeit still not stand-out material) and because of nostalgia, and I've heard The Jacket is pretty decent. But FF and The Island? I just can't seem to wrap my head around those. Seems to me Serenity is, without a doubt, the obvious choice there. It's clearly superior to the others.

And I also agree with the others as far as Nathan is concerned. Nominating Hayden Christensen and not Nathan is nonsense, as far as I'm concerned.
And I also agree with the others as far as Nathan is concerned. Nominating Hayden Christensen and not Nathan is nonsense, as far as I'm concerned.

I couldn't agree more. And I thought HC did a pretty OK job given the material, but I never thought to myself "Whoa - look at that ACTING!". Even non-FF fans I know who saw the movie commented on Nathans acting to me. When people who aren't fans are commenting on a performance - it's freakin' worthy! No - it's more than worthy, I think without a doubt he turned in a first class performance in ANY genre. Period. He still makes me cry every time I watch the movie - 'Yes you are'. *sob*

I also agree with AmazonGirl that Tom Cruise is a joke as well! Honestly, I have never had a major problem with the Saturn Awards, you know, like I do the Emmy's and Co., but this is just WRONGNESS.
This is the worst Saturn Awards nominees list I've ever seen. I can't believe that Serenity only got two nominations and was misspelled! So many of the other nominations were for forgettable or downright awful movies. Nathan wasn't nominated? JOSS wasn't nominated? Did they have a bottom-of-the-barrel nominating committee this year or did they just leave a bunch of chimpanzees in a room with keyboards?
Not only that I think we killed the site as well. I must have dreamt that George Lucas got nominated for Best Screenwriter.
OMG - JOSS! *dies* And Lucus got nominated? I think I just died inside - Oh, wait - that was just the bile from where I threw up in my mouth...
Hayden Christiensen nominated for acting award ? Altogether now, Noooooooooo!

I didn't see The Island but, for my sins, I watched Fantastic Four at the cinema and tho' it was a harmlessly pleasant enough diversion on a wet afternoon, the idea that it might be up for any awards that don't have 'Worst' somewhere in the title is pretty baffling.

Agreed that Nathan should so be up there. Talk about range, the guy goes from humour to heartbreak without missing a step.

If Lucas actually was nominated for screenwriting i'm happy to consign the whole awards list to daftsville and ignore the Saturns for this year (unless Summer wins, then they're clearly just the most valid awards around ;).

BTW, did we just Whedon-dot the server ?
Not only that I think we killed the site as well.

It was an accident. No need to discuss it publicly. ;)
No power in the 'verse can stop us!
Wow, I was positive that Serenity was gonna sweep the Saturn Awards!

Why do people so badly want to kill this film?
Okay. I'm gonna say it. I'm gonna skip a hundred catty comments and say I've enjoyed the Saturns because, well, mostly because I won one, but also because they celebrate the genre, and where else are you gonna hang out with Jim Cameron AND Stan Lee? And now I'm gonna tell you I'm disappointed.

Say it with me now: Nathan Fillion.

Not even a nod? A nom? I'm pleased as anything for Summer, and glad the movie made a showing at all, but for Nathan to be overlooked shakes my faith in this awards program, which is truly terrifying because it means I had faith in an awards program. I'm such a yob.

Nathan owned that screen. You went to see the movie, there was a little print on the screen that said "On Loan from Nathan Fillion." Textured, rich, funny, real, heroic... I don't know who else was nominated (and for the record, I think Tom Cruise was great in WotW), and I don't even think the movie is all that -- oh, I'm into it, but the more I look at it the more I go "They couldn't have got a director?" -- but Nathan is the man. He's all man. A man's man. Two men. He's like if Jame Gumb had been sewing a MAN suit. This has taken an unsightly turn, but you get where I'm going.

Well, I don't usually do this, but I'll tell you a secret. I'm dropping the BOMB on the Saturn awards and you got this straight from the horse's mouth. The truth about the Saturns? A few weeks after you get them home, the glue on your name-plate dries up and it pops right off. You heard me. Award over HERE, nameplate sitting over THERE. That's how THEY roll, dog.

Wow. I went a little far there. Things were typed... But I'm truly bummed.

Go Summer!


[ edited by joss on 2006-02-15 19:36 ]

[ edited by joss on 2006-02-15 19:37 ]
Go Summer indeed :).

I'm holding out for the Hugos.
I can't believe that Joss isn't nominated, Nathan isn't nominated and Summer is nominated for Best Supporting Actress instead of Best Actress. It's all just wrong. Sooooo disappointed. Serenity deserves so much better.
As you say, Joss, Nathan is the MAN (along with you, of course!) and it's a shame the stuffy awards people can't see through their navel lint to save their lives.
Well, Joss, as long as your Saturn Awards don't fall from a high shelf and bust into little pieces, you haven't experienced the full heartbreak.

I won a statewide spelling bee...and now have nothing to show for it... :'(

And, you know, I'm thinkin' Nathan deserved Oscar consideration.
I feel this is an appropriate time for a Simpsons quote, don't you?

Lisa: "This award show's the biggest farce I've ever seen!"
Bart: "What about the Emmys?"
Lisa: "I stand corrected."
Hayden Christensen over Nathan.

I'm stupefied.
At least you're not stupi-FRIED, Willowy. Cause, there would be burning.

Er, wow. I guess I've filled my "lame joke" quota for the day. Going away now.
It is nice of you to not publicly share your heartbreak over not being nominated for best screenplay but you are among friends. Go for it.
Kill a few children and you get an award. If Mal had executed a child, he'd be up there ;-)
Wow, three Joss comments in three days - is that a record?? Couldn't agree more, Joss. Nathan was robbed. At least Summer got some (much-deserved) love...

ETA: I can't see the rest of the nominations because of the server crash (presumably due to us?), but I take it from the comments here that George Lucas was nominated for screenwriting (?!?) and Joss was not (?!!!?!?). Somethings are just too wrong to contemplate....

[ edited by acp on 2006-02-15 19:34 ]
You can say that again, Joss. Nathan should have gotten a nomination....just like a couple of TV shows that, well, you made should have gotten more respect from the Emmy people.
In fact, that goes for Alan, Adam, and Gina too!
But...what you said...go, Summer go!
ETA...oh, and pat 32082, well said. I had forgotten that quote from The Simpsons.

[ edited by impalergeneral on 2006-02-15 19:34 ]
Just when I think I can't worship at the alter of Whedon any harder - he steps in to make me laugh in spite of my rage. Thanks Joss for stepping in to share in our pain and disgust at this outragous situation. But seriously, you and Nathan were both robbed. Everything you said about Nathan was absolutely correct - but without your script and your characters, where would our Malcolm Reynolds be? Nathan wouldn't have had a Mal to rock the big screen with!

For the first time in a LONG time, I'm embarrassed to be a sci-fi geek (Well, since the great "Browncoats are a Cult of Overly Aggressive Wankers who KILLED THE BDM" crap of last year). I feel dirty and wronged by the other geeks - it's not a liberating feeling. Jeolous is what they are. *spitewy*

[ edited by CinJudes on 2006-02-15 19:49 ]
Balls, say I, If I had any I´d be king!
Then I would shovel knighthoods and enfeoff vast land holdings on Joss, our BDH and Chiwetel. And pay the taxes.

Since I don´t have any ( balls nor money ) I dedicate the northern part of my fields to them, which is the pretty part.
Plaques will be mounted..
Big ones..
But tasteful...
I thought Yoda turned in the best performance in Revenge of the Sith, if someone from RotS had to be nominated. Although, is Yoda a he, she, or it?

[ edited by tungsten_needle on 2006-02-15 20:09 ]
Hm, personally I also missed Chiwetel Ejiofor, cause boy is he good, but its always that way when it comes to awards, be it Oscars, Emmy´s or Saturn´s. Maybe my taste is simply different, I don´t know.

But yay for Summer!
Wohoo, more Joss!! I'm starting to feel spoiled...

I can't really comment on the other noms because I hardly saw any movies last year, let alone really cared about them. I detested Revenge of the Sith so much I wouldn't want it to be nominated anywhere, but I'm sure that's just me.

Yay for Summer!! She really moved me and her performance still causes me to tear up even after watching Serenity 20+ times by now. And she really kicks ass too.
I'm sad to see Nathan wasn't nominated, he really did own that screen. He delivered. In spades. I love my captain!!
(couldn't help myself)
Joss posts here three days in a row.

Must be one hell of a writer's block he's grappling with.

Diana gets into her invisible plane, flies to the White House, and discovers chimpanzees have taken over and are playing with some red button. The ugliest chimp has a flashback.

chimp #1: I don't belong in this world.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2006-02-15 21:08 ]
Joss posts here three days in a row.

Must be one hell of a writer's block he's grappling with.

Let's be careful or Joss might think we don't want him to post here! I say the more the better. Besides, I'm the first to believe (evidence: my posting here too much today in between phone calls and writing for work) that occasional distractions are great for getting the (metaphorical) wheels turning. Keep posting, please, Joss! After all, you can't be working on those scripts and comic books all the time...
Let me rephrase that.

Welcome, Joss! Come and play any time! :-D

Want a cookie?
Yeah, guys, quit picking on the almighty! You want him to take his ball and go home?

OK. So I'm on here because of writer's block and I'm projecting on Joss. My bad!

Maybe I can offer Joss some cheese.

Is it sure that was the list for the Saturn Awards and not the Uranus Awards? I mean Revenge of the Sith....

Sorry, you have reached either a non-existent site or the site has been suspended (or deactivated) due to Disk Space Violation / Exceeded.

Site Owner: Please refer to this help page for information.

Hey, cool. We managed to Fandango the Saturn Awards site.

Anyone have a copy of the full list, since I obviouly can't get to it right now? I'm mainly irked if Joss didn't get a screenwriting nod. It sounds fanboyish, but the script for Serenity is one of the most efficient pieces of writing I've seen come out of Hollywood in ages.

But, yes, anyway: Go Summer!

On edit: And don't do too hard on HC in Star Wars. He had to act that way in order to truly seem like the father of Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker. ;)

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2006-02-15 21:32 ]
You mean bad acting is hereditary?
Hey that's a good point theonetruebix, altho...that excuse won't fly or his other movies - (except for My Life as a House, cause I frickin love that movie!)

Hey Joss-ter, I gotta say, am loving the posts fella. It's always fun when ya come and play, keep it up, hey.
Lurker No More.
Say it with me now: Nathan Fillion.

Damn straight, Joss! That was just wrong. Didn't the Saturn people read all the reviews that raved about Nathan, reviewers who wouldn't go to see a "science fiction" movie on a bet? I mean, come on -- didn't the Saturn folks see his performance in the movie? Nathan was amazing!

Thanks so much for sticking up for your lead actor, Mr. Whedon! May I suggest there was another really wrong omission: Joss Whedon, Best Screenplay. And another: Best Director. And one more: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Best Supporting Actor. No doubt! ;-)

But they didn't forget to nominate Jessica Alba. That says it all for me. :-(
The awards seem odd all around. Over on the TV side, Smallville received more than Battlestar Galactica.

As I had hoped, Cinescape has the full list of nominations on their site so I've changed the URL. So go gaze in horror at George Lucas getting a nomination for Best Writing.
In other news: Summer Glau's feet are nominated for this year's Achilles Award.
I also notice 'The Descent' isn't up in the horror category. For my money, it was easily the scariest film in 10 years (tho' i'm not sure if it had a US release).

I'd hoped Simon might be kidding above but nope. Starting to wonder if the whole world's gone to crazy hell in a wacky handbasket. George Lucas, Best Writing ? It is the same one, right ? Just checking that there isn't some indie script writer namesake who actually has, y'know, talent (oh, the zany stories he could tell).
Let's just start our own awards.

Best Inspiration For a Web-Based Muppet Gag: Wash's Death/Free Lumber
Most Extraneous Use of a Movie as an Excuse to Film an Actress' Feet: Joss Whedon, for Serenity.
Best Summer Glau quote for a T-Shirt Slogan: Joss is Boss.
The Saturns this year are a joke. Joss, I say you pull Brando on their ass this year. In case the movie wins, instead of an Indian chick send Adam Baldwin in character to accept the award.
...send Adam Baldwin in character to accept the award.

You are so lucky I wasn't drinking my Coke just now.
If you look over at the razzie nominations, quite a few of the performances that were nominated for saturns are nominated for worst actor, actress, supporting actor, etc, including Hayden Christensen, Tom Cruise, Jessica Alba, and Katie Holmes. And frankly, I'm surprised Lucas didn't get a razzie nom for worst screenplay. One has to wonder what performances the Saturn nominators were watching, or if they just automatically gave nods to any performance in the biggest-earning sci-fi fantasy films at the box office.
Also, not to take away from the few performances they nominated that I thought really were deserving – Viggo Mortensen and William Hurt in A History of Violence, for instance, or Robert Downey Jr in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – but I'd question whether those were really "genre" movies in the sense that I think of the word. For an awards organization whose purpose is to honor those often overlooked sci-fi and fantasy films, they did a crummy job this year....
In all fairness, Jessica Alba's Razzie nomination was not for Sin City (Best. Comic. Book. Movie. Ever.) though she deserves the Razzie nod for the movies she was nominated for it for.

Shame the actual Saturn Awards site is down, as IIRC, the Saturn Awards have catagories for fiction, and I didn't see anything nominated (and I know there was some new SF published this year). But yeah, there are a lot of not-good SF movies on the list this year (though, however, when you think about it, that's the majority of SF films released in the US this year).

Still, it's a Damn Shame (TM) that Nathan wasn't nominated, and if Night Watch (Nochnoi Dozor) isn't nominated next year (and Serenity & Summer don't win this year) I will be very disappointed, in a Zorg-from-The-Fifth-Element sense.
I have a few things to say:

Fantastic Four may well be the worst movie ever created. I think I enjoyed Jason X more than that.........and Jason X is terrible. Flat, 2 dimensional, and corny..fantastic four was a waste of money.

Nathan Fillion deserves such a great acting career. I sometimes wonder if he should fire his agent, because Fillion should be Indiana Jones, in the next sequel. I swear he should! You watch Serenity and he can do action drama and comedy. This guy is awesome.

Joss not getting a nod is sad. Serenity getting a nod, makes up for it. We already know Joss is awesome.

I also think Serenity shoulda been nominated for best Actor/Actress. That ship went through hell for 2 hours.

nuff said.

oh and Hayden Watever guy getting a nod is ridiculous. No one in Star Wars was a a good actor. If you watch the movies of all those actors that aren't Star Wars they are all shining stars in them. But since Star Wars is filmed in big warehouses surrounded by green walls and floors....what's an actor supposed to work with?? That and Lucas can put together story, but he can't direct an actor for his life.

[ edited by ChosenOne5376 on 2006-02-16 05:02 ]
ummm....years of lurking and first post

*types nervously and in wonder at the purple majesty of joss postage*

But there is some talent in Hayden - do check out Shattered Glass for a layered performance that goes beyond screaming "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!". Did anyone else find it hard not to walk out at that point in RotS?

Nathan can hit the drama and turn on a dime to the comedy and then woo you with leading man charm - what more do the Saturns want in a leading man? And a proud Canadian to boot
*blushes with Maple Leaf Pride*
Fantastic Four > Revenge of the Sith > Underworld.

There, I have proved by the operation of pure logic that FF can't be the worst film ever created.

OK, maybe it was for you. I found it somewhat entertaining.

And K19, welcome, and I agree - Hayden Christensen can indeed act. As can Ewan McGregor, Samuel L. Jackson, and Natalie Portman . . . (under normal conditions).
Hope you guys didn't think I meant that those guys couldn't act. I just meant they marvelous in the other things they do, but when it comes to green screen Star Wars... they look like rookies.

Underworld had Kate Beckinsale... that did it for me. But Fantastic Four had Alba...ouch!

Revenge of the Sith would've been decent had there not been that "No!" line. How can someone watch that in the editting room and not say "WTF is this?"
I was just at the Cinescape site, and looked at the nominations. While it may have been a bit tough for Joss to squeeze in for Best Director, but still possible, Nathan should have made the final cut for Best Actor, without a doubt.
I didn't see The Island

Well,basicaly The Island is a very long TV SPOT( maybe is more like "THX" with advertisements).

[ edited by Este on 2006-02-16 14:40 ]
I believe James Earl Jones gets credit for the "NOOOOOOO!" Yet another excellent actor blemished because Lucas had to be a control freak this time around.

If he'd let someone else do the actual scripting from TPM on, all this could have been avoided. And possibly the directing, too. He's a great idea man, he just stinks at execution.

So if Saturn thinks he deserves a writing award....than I ain't ever going to Saturn. Nosiree. I'm very fine on Earth, thank you.
...Once again, it is hard to be a fan of both Serenity and Episode III. I sorta liked all three prequels...

But do I think for an instant that the acting was worth nominating, or even the screenwriting? No.

So sad...
Face it. Award ceremonies are popularity contests and have nothing to do with actually being *good*. It's a bunch of dingoes kidneys. You and I know who deserved recognition last year and who did not. Fancy dust collectors on mantles don't change that.

As for the Lucas prequels... We are not his target audience. He was aiming at 'families' and 'children' and had a very disturbingly strange, dark way of going about doing that. We outgrew him but he never grew up. I wouldn't complain about Lucas if I were you. He had to finish what he started and the fact time has passed him by storywise was glaring. Even though technology finally caught up with his vision, it couldn't save the fairy tale. Like someone in the 1970s trying to finish a storyline about world war two propaganda. I pity Lucas.

I find the Star Wars saga entertaining but probably not for reasons Lucas intended (makes me miss Joel and the bots), and if you take the series for what it is (a golden turkey) it's worth its weight in cheetos. I guess what I'm saying is give it a rest, and Jar Jar Binks is not your shock monkey.

[ edited by ZachsMind on 2006-02-16 17:52 ]
Now I want a T-Shirt that says "On Loan from Nathan Fillion."
LOL, add me to that list Anusien. Even though it has strange gay undertones, I'm there ;-)
Say it with me now: Nathan Fillion.

Well not only did Nathan get snubbed by the Saturns...

In the April issue of Sci Fi Magazine, they wrote their take on "A-List talent sure to be ignored by the Academy come awards time." They list five 'nominees' in each category, including -
Best Picture: Serenity
Best Director: Joss Whedon
Best Actress: Summer Glau

BUT NO Nathan for Best Actor. That could just be your average oversight BUT right above that Best Actor column they have a picture of Nathan (FF pic). How rude!

Article is not online but it is in print:
Anon. The beauties, the beasts and the box office. 2006, April. Sci Fi. 12(2): 66-67.

If you want to send them feedback that would be (Editor-in-Chief/Feedback column).

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