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February 15 2006

Firefly R2 Boxset DVD for under 12 pounds. are selling the Firefly set for 11.95 as part of a sci-fi boxsets promotion. That's the cheapest I've ever seen it anywhere.

Postage is free to the UK from this site, so 11.95 is all you pay.

Think I may have to snag a spare copy for lending (also tempted by the 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' sets at 11 per season).

Good link, cheers Grounded.
My first thought:

"The Firefly boxset weighs 12 pounds?!"

Ah, good ol' American intellect...
I used a pound sign before but apparently someone edited it.
I think the pound sign messes up the RSS feed titles, so it was edited by the mods or something...

On topic, dayum! Very tempting indeed... After all, it'd be good to have a spare copy to circulate amongst friends to convert them...
Grounded, the symbol will play havock with RSS feeders of Whedonesque (ie other sites which leech Whedonesque's news).
Ah but such is the potential for cross-Atlantic muddlage that I think the very phrase 'pound sign' means something else (in the US what we call a hash i.e. '#' I believe they call pound).

Separated by a common language indeed (and, happily, re-bound by a common Jossage ;).
Saje, I call it a 'pound sign', so does everyone I know. We're Americans. A 'hash mark' to me is something you make when tallying up something. ;)
Grounded, the symbol will play havock with RSS feeders of Whedonesque (ie other sites which leech Whedonesque's news).

Roger. Is it only in the main part or will the 'additional comments' bit cause problems too 'cause I left a pound sign in there? I'll change it anyway.
I edited it to remove the sign, it plays merry hell with our RSS feed. Should have mentioned it earlier, sorry about that.
Unplugged that was my initial reaction as well, I was wondering what kind of extras they got.
And to me hash is something totally different all together! (although '#' is totally the hash key cos '' is the pound sign - so what is '' called in america then? I'm confused)

When I ordered a CD from earlier they had Serenity on the front page in their countdown slot. Made me grin.
Maybe it's the sign with no name. The Sterling sign ?

Odysseus, we get free lead with our DVDs. It's part of a government drive to get couch potatoes to exercise ;).
# is called the "hash key" in the U.K.? Really?

I've been gone way too long . . .
SNT, two weeks of decidedly non-Californian weather could help you reassess that sentiment ;).

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