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February 15 2006

Seremuppety Act II - The Saga Continues! Previously on the adventures of Capt Kermit Reynolds and co. "Hey, look! They're sending us free lumber!". Now read on.

Act One in 8 parts

Part 9:
Part 10:
Part 11:
Part 12:

(cheers to Dan for the heads up on the update).


And yes, Piggy as Inara! Woo and hoo!
"That's my hero shot!"

Great stuff. (I love the composition of the last frame.)
My main question--how does he get the little muppet figures to look like Our Heroes? Does Kermit come in an Indiana Jones model or something?
Whoo-hoo! You know what happens next, right? "TRAP!" ;-)

Such awesome links, Simon!
These are so great...
They really are. I look forward to the third act.
A late night working made bearable by Seremuppety. This is inspired stuff.
Oh man, that was so kool! They look awesoe too, love the Joss.

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