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February 15 2006

On the Drift - Music inspired by Firefly and Serenity. Cast your mind back to last July. Remember "The Ballad of Joss" by The Bedlam Bards? Well if you liked it, there's now an album of 'Verse influenced songs.

Hmm. I thought Wash skipped the war? (c.f. 'Leaf on the Wind' second stanza)

Interesting stuff, though.
Reckon I may have to get this. (And I want to see a title sequence with "Sail The Sky" playing over it...)
It's The Kingston Trio on acid!
On acid...and obsessed with Joss!
Wow... It's like fanfic but music...
"Hmm. I thought Wash skipped the war?"

Alan Tudyk wanted it established somewhere that Wash was in the war briefly but was then captured by the other side and lived out the rest of the war doing shadow puppet shows for wounded veterans in some hospital. Whether he was captured by the independents or the alliance he never said. I think it woulda been funny if his war experience had been a farce akin to Allo Allo or Blackadder Marches Fourth. Where being a shadow puppet guy was a front, right? and actually both the alliance and the independents thought he was a spy for their side, and used him as a pawn in their respective schemes, but Wash was either oblivious to what was going on or TOO aware and perpetually shaking in his socks trying to stay one step ahead of everyone else.

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...oh. This is the music thread.

*sings The Hero of Canton off key*

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Looks like it was popular, it sold out already :)
Free MP3-Postcard of "Sail The Sky" released by the Bards here:

And, if I may and if you haven't heard it yet, the original demo recording of "Sail The Sky":
It's back in stock! Just about anyway; CDBaby is taking orders again. Woo hoo!
Wow... It's like fanfic but music...

There's already a word for that: filk.

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