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February 15 2006

Tonight's Veronica Mars is the one with Joss. Just in case you didn't see it the first time around.

I just hope that UPN's plan to keep the 9 remaining episodes off the air until march when ANTM returns works. I can't even think of this show not getting a third season, so hopefully it'll be doing better in the ratings.
I just hope that UPN's plan to keep the 9 remaining episodes off the air until march when ANTM returns works.

No new Veronica Mars until March?!

God dammit. :(

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OK, I'll be happy to wait if it's going to ensure a third season!
Well, maybe it wasn't such a smart move to put VM up against Lost. There's nothing worth watching at 8 p.m.

Is it any wonder why UPN and the WB are failing?
South Beach has not been cancelled. But I have no doubt that it will be. And yes, SB has really bad ratings, but VM's ratings were about 30% higher, not 3 times SB's viewership.
Yeah, I was very disappointed to find that no new VM episodes were going to be airing until March. But yay for seeing Joss on VM again being a total dork. :P
What....sorry, I have not seen a whole lot of VM episodes.
But I thought they airs on Wednesdays....
They do. I wonder why this say's "Tonight's Episode" since it was last night's Episode (the 15th?)

Perhaps a time difference between the poster and our server?
I think it is a time difference - isn't the server set on UK time? I'm in Eastern Standard Time (US) and I saw the post before Veronica Mars aired (and was happy for it because I didn't know they were rerunning that particular episode. :-))
Or maybe they're just waiting until the Olympics end?
I just hope VM makes it to a third season. Anything that helps that happen is all good, even if it means waiting a while for our next fix.

BTW, Whedonesque runs on Central European Time (CET) which is GMT + 1 or Eastern Standard Time + 6. CET is the timezone in the Netherlands during winter (i.e. where Caroline and possibly the server are located).

ETA: Except looking at the time of this post, it seems to be two hours ahead of the UK (GMT) so now i'm officially confused ;). Is it possible the internet lied to me ? Grasp on reality faltering, personal identity decohering ...

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There there. The internet would never lie. It is our friend.

And did you hear, there's some sort of connection between Ben and Glory!!
My daughter and I are going nuts waiting for the summer so we can see VM up here in the Great White North. I refuse to pay for satellite TV when I only watch about 3 hours of TV/week. I'd be happy to buy the eps as they come out but alas, it is not to be.
Waiting till March makes sense to me, considering the ratings drop as of late (because of South Beach.)

With that said, I love Veronica Mars, and this second season has imo been even more interesting than the first. The writer's have really suprised me with how all these subplots are tying together and creating a series of great mysteries.
Last night's rerun tied the new episode of Southy Beach in the ratings.
Saje, I noticed Whedonesque Time (WT) coincides with CET only in the summer, while now it is one hour ahead.

So WT = Eastern European Time or Central European Daylight Saving Time. Either the server is located in Eastern Europe, Finland or Turkey or (more likely) it was installed in the Netherlands during summer.

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