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"This is the crappiest sacrificial dagger I've ever seen."
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March 11 2003

All things philosophical this website explores the "moral ambiguities, ethical quandries and deep metaphysics that made the cult series [BtVS] an unlikely success."

So much for the 'girl power' theories and 'nekkid Spike'. :D

This site has been linked to three times before...

It's still a great site, but.

[ edited by prolific on 2003-03-11 16:54 ]
sorry, I hadn't seen it before, want me to delete it Prolific?
I love this site very much, but as prolific mentioned we've seen it here before.

As Whedonesque grows, I guess it becomes more and more important to check the archives before we post.

Perhaps someone could write a script that checks the URL of a new post against the archived posts and warns the user that it's been posted already?
Let's leave it up - it's a good site.
I guess I need to bookmark the archives---man, this site has GROWN! :D

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