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February 16 2006

C'mon Hollywood .... give us more of Joss Whedon! Article over at praising Joss to the high heavens and calling for a Buffy/Angel movie amongst other things.

He's so right. But only 24/7? For Joss that's slacking!

Oh, and I loved this:
He makes regular posts to his website and virtually everything he writes is clever and funny.

"his" website, guys, is us. Gotta love it.
I donīt Know if I want a new Buffy movie.I mean, I liked so much how the show finished, I think the end was perfect.

But an Angel(or spike or whatever) film could be great.
Pos eso.

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"his" website, guys, is us. Gotta love it."

Well, one of the reasons I love Whedonesque so much is how professional, how slick, how well put together it is. The intelligent conversations, very little bitching or bickery and the humor all fit right in with Whedon's special brand of whackiness.

If one didn't know, one might just assume it is Whedon's or run by 'his' people. For you folks who put this together and keep it running so smoothly, I'd take that as high praise indeed! Fan endeavors rarely come across this good!

I've been on other boards and many often end up being run by an iron fist to try and keep folks inline. I've rarely seen ya'll have to step down hard on people, and almost never have I seen you have to do it repeatedly. I think misunderstandings are cleared up quickly and generally without much in the way of hard feelings and I'd like to think people aren't afraid to post here as they might inadvertently say the 'wrong' thing.

No wonder he likes to come here and post! err, I mean....when is Joss going to post here, on 'his' site again? Especially now that he's figured out how to link and everything! :)

P.S. I'll take more of the 'verse in any shape or form.

[ edited by Grace on 2006-02-16 15:19 ]
When I asked him about this site he referred to it as 'his'.
I don't think Carloline's gonna mind, are ya C?
I second that Grace, let's hear it for the mods and admins, Hip Hip ... Ahem. Still, good job all ;).

(obviously we also owe a lot to Al Gore for inventing the internet in the first place)
Yes, i'll take any buffyverse realted projects. And yes Saje, big up's to Al Gore.
Bring on the Spikeverse!
Uh, I really don't think Hollywood's really stopping Mr. Whedon from working. I mean, he's kind of got a full plate as is. We don't want to work him to death too early in his career, you know.
Working him to death might be know he'd come back! That's just like him to do that.
The article contains a link to here... which contains a link to the article. Wow it's like some kind of internet space/time warp.
Yes, the mods here are wonderful - but so are the people who post so intelligently and unaggressively. It's civilised here. Long may that continue.
Ditto Jo Blow guy. What he said.
He's got Buffy the border collie.... I've got Spike the pug.
Nice article. I love it! "his" website. It is really wonderful that Joss is so in touch with his fans. I love saying to my friends "Joss posted today, he's so funny" as they roll their eyes.

Bring on the Buffy/Angel movie. The only thing that would make me happier is a Joss Buffyverse spin off TV show.
In a better world Joss would have his own tv channel. And movie studio. And Broadway theater. And all the Mutant Enemy talent would be working together for the rest of their lives. Or at any rate the rest of mine.

(And Joss-can we have Ripper, please?)
As long as Joss is still working his mojo I'm happy. I'm pretty keen to see him do some horror and I'm interested to see Wonder Woman. It's funny when I tell my friends Joss is working on wonder woman; almost every response is, "really?" in that why-would-he-work-on-that tone.
But if anyone can make something with a bad reputation work well it's Joss.

I'd like to see him work on a new tv show in the future cause I love tv more than film.

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