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February 16 2006

Danny Strong talks about his passion for book collecting. Turns out he indirectly got his Harry Potter books from Sarah Michelle Gellar.

This article just tickles me in all the right places. Thanks! My memory may be winking out, but I think there was an interview with SMG way back when, in which the interviewer noted the way she devoured books in between takes. Books of what genre/quality, I forget, but go, bibliophiles!
SMG is, by all accounts, a fairly serious and committed collector of books, with an emphasis on antique children's books. Mind you, the only time I recall she has mentioned this is when she said it was the reason she first hooked up to the Internet because she realised she was missing out on a lot of on-line auctions.
That is some serious cool, especially how the collector in her is balanced by the compulsive reader -- collecting for its own sake is as inspiring as a gnawed fingernail. I am also crazy about the fact that the Joss was inspired by his reading to create Firefly.

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