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February 16 2006

Little Damn Heroes. *Finally* this man has gotten himself a website to sell his stunning Browncoat artwork. Welcome to Black Market Beagels!

For any of you who were at WonderCon, this is the brand spanking new site from Shiny!Design. For some time now he has donated his art to help the Browncoats in Northern California raise money for charity, but now he is making his adorable tshirts and breathtaking posters available to the public.

Check back from time to time as I'm sure he'll be adding new artwork.

I'm getting a Mutant Enemy 404 response! How does that happen?
>How does that happen?<

I'm a little bit stupid from time to time. :) I think it's working now...?
*hugs miyu* - You're not stupid! And thanks for the link, that's some really shiny product, there! Are the posters available as t-shirts, do you know?
Love the posters. Gorgeous!
I like hugs. xieixe, W!

I'll try to get "The Man" out here to answer your question. me? not so much with the useful info today. ;)

If you like the posters -- you simply cannot imagine what they look like in all their full-sized splendor. He donated a framed poster to our charity and it pretty much stole the show.
Jeez ... Miyu's gonna inflate my ego so much I won't be able to fit through the door! :) I'm flattered!

The posters aren't available as t-shirts at the moment, but if there's enough interest, I could certainly make some. In fact, the posters aren't available as posters yet, because I'm still trying to find a reliable and cheap vendor for them. I'm hoping to have them ready really soon. I may start taking pre-orders, though. If anyone knows of a good printer, please let me know!

And, yes, I'm working on some new Little Damn Heroes now, so look for them soon on the site. :)
Thanks, miyu, and lexigeek.
Hey, lexigeek, nice shirts and posters (even if they don't, y'know, exist yet ;).

Can I check if you ship overseas (specifically to the UK) ? I'd ask via email but I suspect more than a few people may be wondering.
Mmm I've always been facinated how you can take a moment such as river standing there at the end of Serenity and distill it so subtly and age it in a nice oak barrel and out comes a nice Shiraz... wait what was I talking about? Oh... right... love the shirts. Can't wait to see some more.
>Miyu's gonna inflate my ego so much I won't be able to fit through the door!<

that's what I do, darlin'. ;) not to fret. We'll get you all greased up so you can squeeze through.

seriously - you're work is beautiful, and you've been so generous with your time and talent. best of luck with the new site!
Yes, I've set up international shipping through USPS Global Priority Mail. I've also set up the posters for pre-order, at a discounted price. BTW, I'm *thrilled* at all the positive response! :D
Holy crap, lexigeek, that is some amazing work! I'm in awe of the miranda poster. W o w.
Damn it.

I was going to start a Joss fansite called "Black Market Beagles."


But, yeah, good stuff they've got there.
Want! Want! Yeah, I think that about covers it. It's going to be hard to choose just one design, they're all great.
Ditto on everything that has been said about the Miranda poster. Watch out Nagel! (Oh nevermind, he's dead).
I really love the cartoony one of River. "No power in the verse.." That's just adorable.

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