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February 16 2006

'Date Movie' Premiere Pictures. Aly, Alexis, Joss and Nick at the premiere of Aly's new spoof movie. And there's video interviews from the premiere over at

It was also very nice that her costars on HIMYM all showed up.

Joss is in pic #16 with Aly and Nick is pic #25.
Is it just me or does Nick get prettier every day?
And is Alyson holding a dildo in picture two?
I'm sorry if pic 2 offends people i didn't even see that when i was scrolling through the pics. Mods feel free to delete if deemed NC17.
that's her purse, you yobs.
I don't think we need to delete for adult content - g-d knows, we've linked to raunchier stuff. And I'm not sure this qualifies - it's not easy to even ID what that, um, object is.

(Added) And Joss says it's her purse. You yobs. Yeah. Thanks for demurking our dirty dirty minds. And how did you enjoy the flick?

I like Aly's look. Alexis looks more like Bond every day.
It sure looks like one, but maybe it's just a handbag at a weird angle???

Thank you, Joss! ;-)

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Hee. Joss said "yobs."

Um, Joss, sir, what does "yobs" mean?
Wow. I honestly didn't see that on the first time through. But, uhh... yeah. Odd angle, indeed. And, of course, everbody else looks damn fine.

Joss, you seem to be posting even more frequently lately (not complaining)... I know the tendency well. It's usually around that time that procrastishowering becomes a part of my daily routine.

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I don't know how Joss means it, but Australians use "yobs" to mean "yobos" - which is basically a meatheaded fool.

Also, Mr Whedon, get back to work! :-)
Alyson has Alexis there. Why would she need to carry around a not-a-purse thingy???

OK. There's no way we're going to avoid this thread getting sick.
Alexis should be Bond. What a handsome man. Everyone looks great - happy and healthy and having a good time.

Hey, when suggested, I also thought it looked like a plastic penis. Guess I'm a yob too.
Definitions of yob on the Web:

* bully: a cruel and brutal fellow

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So we're all like, Rob Reiner in All in the Family? Ha, that was a funny sho--hey that was an insult!

[ edited by pat32082 on 2006-02-17 05:56 ]
And one further theory is that "yob" comes from "boy" written backwards. But I've honestly no idea how that might have transpired . . . Anyway, yob is apparently quite the in vogue word in the UK right now, with complaints of petty and not-so petty antisocial behavior on the rise, and Blair introducing all kinds of new laws to deal with the "problem," if such it is.
Hee. I'm a bit of a purse whore. I own over 40, in many lovely colors. But I don't have one that'll do THAT. Dammit.

Great pics, thanks for posting!
It's nice to see that Joss dresses up for these forays into public. =0 )
It's his second use of "yobs" here on Whedonesque. :)
Oh, thank you. A new picture of Nick. 8 ]
It's nice to see that Joss dresses up for these forays into public. =0 )

Would you rather he go naked?

"Really, Officer. It's just a purse!"
Dear Gods of Kobol, that woman is gorgeous. And how good does Alexis look? And sweet, Joss and Nick and the "Mother" cast were all there. Awwwww.... Does this mean that there are Hollywood-types that really like each other?

I think I might actually have to go see this movie.
Nebula1400 said Would you rather he go naked?

Wouldn't bother me! Smart guys turn me on.
Oh, me too, but a grown man - even a hot grown man - out in public naked would kind of give me pause... I'd rather see his work than his - um - purse - in a setting like that.
that's her purse, you yobs.

Or affectionately around my house yobs is translated as: dickhead, bloody eediot, or silly bugger.

I swear your getting more Ozzie everyday Joss. ; D
Practising the lingo for filming Whedon Woman over here hey?
And in defence of JustNick, it does look like a fun sized plastic pal, what with page 4 having blow up companions and all.

ETA: God, how frickin gorgeous are A&A!! Damn, they should be arrested for being so bloody attractive! Shouldn't be legal.

[ edited by nixygirl on 2006-02-17 06:44 ]
Aly looks fantastic! And does she know how to pose for a picture or what? And she and Alexis look great together. I'm beginning to get the whole Alexis-should-be-James-Bond thing. Looks like Nick lost some weight. Also a great picture of him. Nice one of Joss and Aly too. So everybody just looks great. And now I'm just babbling like a monkey.

But I didn't notice Aly's special "purse". So at least I'm not a yob.
Joss, don't you know that we think everything looks like a penis?!

You all look great in those pictures!! I love how Nick looks in his picture, he is looking mighty handsome! And yes ESG, I agree, with you on Alexis being Bond. That was the first thing that popped in my head when I saw that photo!!
I'm beginning to get the whole Alexis-should-be-James-Bond thing.

Not everyone who looks good in a tux should be James Bond! I love the casting of Daniel Craig because he's weather beaten and looks like he could kill a man.

I'm with Andrew, though - best James Bond was Timothy Dalton!
Joss comments on my post, i rock!!
Everyone looks gorgeous. Can I just say, Neil Patrick Harris is freakin' sexy. I've really never noticed, but man, that guy is hot! Oh, and that Joss guy isn't too shabby.

So Joss, tell was the movie? It's not really something I would go see at the theatre, more like catching a rerun on TBS on a Saturday afternoon while I'm still in my PJs, too lazy to do anything else. But it's Aly!!
Joss - get with the times, man. We all know yobs has changed to chav now. Well, those of us in Britian Land do. Get somebody to educate you when you're next here, in the far far away future (er, again with the not stalking you).

Okay, so this sounds slightly more with the snark than it's supposed to. I think WARREN has infected my BRAIN.
That is one creamy dreamsicle of a gal. Whoo! And Alexis* just oozes gorgeousness. They look very happy together, leading me to deduce that love, and being in it, makes you purty. Although, Nick's looking pretty scrumptious ala carte.

Nice tie, Mr. Fendendo!

Anyone else think Cobie Smulders could be cast as Caroline Dhavernas' slightly older sister?

*(Now when is it he's going to be on HIMYM, exactly?)
Hey Yoss, got a yob for me?

Sorry, couldn't reyist.
I see Aly is going to be making the talk show rounds: On 2/20 she'll be hanging out with Ellen Degeneres, and on 2/28 she makes a red-eye appearance on Carson Daly.

It's cool seeing Buffy and Angel people on these shows where they get a chance to let loose a little, but it also makes me reflect on how the Serenifly cast got no late or early-afternoon TV love. It's just not right. There's nothing happening in the televisual universe at 1 a.m. (coincidentally, about the time I can't make myself go to sleep and wind up here) that I'm convinced Nathan Fillion couldn't improve just by showing up.
Lol. I think the "yobs" comment was called for. I mean who carries their dildo around with them at premiere events with media taking happy snaps at every turn?
I know that as a good geek girl, I'm not supposed to care about these things, but I *LOVED* Aly's dress! Who made it?! She looks stunning in it!

Everyone looks sexy as h-ll. Planning on seeing Date Movie Saturday!
I've added an IESB link to the subject which has video interviews with Aly, Nick (and the one with Joss we saw earlier in the week).
The relationship between a woman and her purse is truly a private and beautiful thing.

Plus that's so sweet that they went to the premiere. I always think it's nice when cast and crew get along and there's not seething hatred with random attempts at killing one another. Pipe bombs thrown into trailers and exploding catering tables. It's like a microcosm for the future possibility of world peace, or that could be the crack pipe talking.
I mean who carries their dildo around with them at premiere events with media taking happy snaps at every turn?

Well, at the London premiere of Serenity, I bumped into Michelle somebody-or-other on the red carpet from Big Brother UK. She's famous for having sex on live TV. So, you know, we win - we don't need no dildos 'ere.

--not yob whedon
Smart guys turn me on, too, cronopio. Intelligence is the greatest aphrodesiac. Although Alexis is a good argument for sheer good looks being at the top of the list. He and Aly looked just wonderful. I hope they are (and stay!) as happy as they look together!

And thanks, Joss, for being fashion forward and aware and letting us know what's the what.
Dildo handbags are so in. Joss should start a reality TV show about them. I crossed the line with that joke.
The only thing funnier than JustNick thinking her purse was a dildo was Gunn 2 NN's apologising for linking to the dildo purse!

That is hilarious! I love you dirty-minded yet extremely well-mannered and considerate whedonesquers!

(Can I say dildo? Twice, nay three times in my post?)

I apologise.
You don't want to say dildo 5 times in a row...
Not sure about the yob/chav revisionism. Maybe we could have a clear cut off date before which you were a yob after which a chav. I'd hate all these idjets to be wandering around with identity issues.

Very unfortunate angle on the purse, side on i'm sure it'd be totally un-dildoey.

Apart from that tho' smoking hot ! Aly so purty. Even the guys look in good shape (Alexis has so got to do some kind of British Naval officer part, he's totally got the kind of piercing thousand yard stare down and we know he can manage the accent).
Officer and a Wesley 4: Love You Long Time In Space. Nathan didn't get the space hooker part, bitch bitch bitch.

[ edited by gossi on 2006-02-17 13:04 ]
Fade In

Wesley strides, beuniformed, into a plastic cup factory where Illyria stands working on quality control. He sweeps her off her feet to the tune of the Fruity Oaty Bar song.

Pan back to reveal ... the whole thing is in space ! Yes, it's a sp-factory for sp-cups !

Somewhere in the background we see Fillion showing some leg in vain, desperate to turn a trick.

Fade Out. Scene.
Hee! Okay, so after the 'Serenity looks like a penis!' debacle, we now have the 'Purse looks like a dildo!' follow-up. Wonder which innocent item my lovely fellow whedonesquers will next deduce a masked phallic shape in ;-).

On a less strange note: I have to agree with the general "wow, everyone looks nice in those pictures" sentiment. Pretty people. Yes sir.
Those are some nice pics. Alyson looks amazing! She does seem to get more beautiful every day. Of course, the guys aren't too shabby either :)
Now I want Joss to write a series about chavs. Not a big step from demons and teenagers, but the language and the general un-wittiness would be an interesting challenge.
Alexis totally has that old Hollywood look. I would love to see some black & white photos of him looking all classic H-wood.
Got to agree with Keith G. Alexis is a bit too pretty to be James Bond, who really should be a bit rougher looking that he's normally portrayed. The Daniel Craig casting has me enthused.
Wow. Call me crazy, but Nicky's the prettiest boy there. YES, beating Alexis. He looks great.
I dunno bobtaylor and Keith G, late season 3 and onwards Wesley looked like he could handle himself. It's all about what the actor puts in the eyes. That and stubble.

Dalton was good (maybe 2nd best Bond tho' Brosnan might just edge him out) but come on, it has to be Big Sean all the way. The man oozed killer, he moved like a panther and could turn from cheeky rogue to hard eyed psycho in an instant. Plus, wasn't Bond's dad Scottish ? So (unusually) even the accent fit the part (hey, most Russian submarine commanders have Scots accents, little known fact that).
Any man who chillingly delivers the line "I'll take away your bucket" who would be an ideal candidate to play Bond. Scruffy Wes as 007!
I must give vent to my girliness and beseech Nicky to put on his specs. He looks so incredibly cute with them on (like at the 'Buffy Wraps' footage on the season 7 DVDs). Wear 'em, Nicky!
Yes, Alexis could do a great Bond. He's got the suave, he's got the dash, he's got the down and dirty.
And hey everyone, lay off Joss' clothing sense. No doubt he was pounding away at the keyboard when he realized the time and raced out to the premiere. Or something like that.
Hee! Y'all crack me up, you gutter-minded yobs. ;D

I'm torn between wanting to see Alexis do comedy and wanting to see him do something really heavy and scruffy Wesleyish. Right now I just want to see him in something, anything--so long as it's good. I can't wait for his HIMYM episodes to air!
Wonder which innocent item my lovely fellow whedonesquers will next deduce a masked phallic shape in ;-)

Jossí pen.
Joss's pen wears a mask ?

Oh, wait, nevermind.
Do you think Joss knows where his pen-is?

I am so immature. I blame Joss. And his pen.
I bow before Joss's pen.

Thinking about rephrasing that.
So, is "yob" pronounced with a short o, like job? Or with a long o, like Job? Never heard the word before, and suddenly I've encountered it several times this week!
Short on the 'o', long on the mindless violence, vandalism and car theft.
I bow before Joss's pen.

Thinking about rephrasing that.

Hehe, I'd be thinking about rephrasing that as well.

Glad to see that wackiness has again hit us where we didn't see it coming.
Oh my G-d! It totally looks just like a dildo! I mean, I read the thread first, then looked at the pics, and wow it really does....ahem, excuse me.

Also, I love the name Cobie Smulders!

And: 'yob', like 'job', BritSlang (tm) for thug, loudmouth, etc. Just my two cents from a BritRobot.
Do you think Joss knows where his pen-is?

I believe it was last seen in the same jar Mel Brooks keeps his spaceballs.

(in the UK we have antisocial behaviour orders for yobs like me.)

DejaThoris - you made me laugh so hard I nearly cried.
You know, this brings all manner of new interpretation for the phrase, "The Pen-is mightier than the sword." We need to send Joss to the UN stat!
The phallicity of this topic is phallacious at best.

Miranda, I live to serve :D
Short on the 'o', long on the mindless violence, vandalism and car theft.

This post is lovelier that jebus.
Ehy guys here a link that make clear that it is really a purse that Alyson is holding :)

Mystery solved. :)
Nick is so pretty!
So John Clarke says - Pen and ink is wit's plough.

So, if a pen is phallic and you wit is your mind. That would kinda mean we're being mind f......
Yea...errr...let's not go there.
LOL. Of Purses, Phallic stuff and where Joss' Pen is. I love this site.
For the record, the movie is terrible, but I did get a chuckle out of seeing Tom Lenk play Frodo in a LOTR spoof (despite the scene itself being pretty laugh-free).
Tom Lenk actually played (spoofy) Frodo?

Remember not too long ago when he had Hobbit Hair? Wow, that is too funny.
So what's the derivation of "chav"? I loves me some etymology.
The term "chav" comes from the latin chavus maximus which basically means "extremely annoying waste of space and oxygen" ... or something along those lines ... ;)

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