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February 17 2006

Promo pics of James Marsters. Three photos of him from The WB's 2006 Image Campaign.

These are ab fab. Thank you *so* much, Simon.
It looks like James is lightening his hair just a tad--which allows those gorgeous features not to be overshadowed by those masses of dark curls that you could just. . . sorry, got carried away. But I think Joss said somewhere that that was why he asked James to go platinum for Spike. James can speak volumes with his eyes alone, but all that dark curly hair was just overpowering his features. And these pictures are really great.
Sorry to gush. But thank you, Joss, for platinum Spike. And thank you, James, for, well, everything. And thanks again, Simon, for giving us these.
Now--everyone think Spike movie!!
Looking good! Thanks Simon.
That's one good looking man. Plus bonus, we also now know the new season releases from Maybelline. Or Jamesbelline as I now dub it.
Just a touch Photoshopped, methinks?
Nice to get new shots and all but what is up with the pink shirt, not a good color shade on him. Perhaps a paler shade of pink or Rose might have been a better choice. If they want to go with that bold a color, red, blue (royal), or purple would have been better choices. Heck even a Hunter Green, Pumpkin Orange, or Bright Yellow would have worked better with his skin tone. Especially with all the shadows in the direct face shot. I think the first one looks like a mugshot love the profile shot as much as anyone but something about it just leaves me thinking he should be holding numbers in front of him. Of the 3 shots the last one is the best.

Gill - not so much photoshop ... it looks more like good old fashion makeup and lighting.
I like his jacket.
The pink shirt is Braniac's color. Clark wears Blue/Red, Aquaman wore his colors, etc. etc.
Man that guy ages better than most wines; he does not look nearly as old as he actually is.
spikeylover - brainic is also suppose to be green and bald and yet they glossed over those factors and in the comics his tights are green. Even that color would have looked better than the bold pink. They could have went with a paler pink and people would have made the connection and it would have looked good. Not many people can pull off a color like pepto pink.
He pulls off pepto pink, In my humble opinion. (Well, not humble so much) (insert winky icon)

Yes, I agree, He isn't bald and green, but Clark isn't running around in his super tights either. I think seventies hot pink was the color of Braniac in the day. Pink is in for men right now, so my guess is that's why they chose this color instead of neon green.

ETA: There has been lots of controversy over the airbrushing. Tom Welling, in particular, looks like a life size blow up doll..

[ edited by spikeylover on 2006-02-17 16:38 ]
Cheers Simon for the yummy piccies. Yep, they've been photoshopped a bit, unncessarily I might add, along with those of TW and KK.

The man is stunning as he comes, he doesn't need any help. The pink colour is a bit in your face, but he pulls it off. They have Clark in blue/red clothes, Lex in purple, Aquaman in orange/green and now Brainiac in one of his colours, pink.

The profile pic looks like the one used in the ad with Clark a few months ago. The colour of the shirt was either toned down then or toned up now.

Either way he's very attractive.
I love that the show tries to elude to the comic book costumes with the choice of colors - down to the exact same shades - for the characters' clothing. If anyone watched yesterday's episode, Cyborg was in gray. (In the comics he wears silver, but that would have been too much, I think.) The Flash was in red and had a yellow lightning bolt on his backpack. Aquaman wore orange and green, and Clark wears the blue shirt with red jacket.

If anyone can pull off wearing pepto bismol pink, it's James.
I still wish Masters was the new Bond.
It takes a real man to wear pink.
Yeah he looks great but that pink is pretty radioactive. Come to think of it the pink would go a lot better with the old blond hair.

I looked at all the pictures and there is a picture of Tom Welling that if it was labeled as a picture of an action figure you might comment that "that is a fairly realistic looking action figure, although the expression is a little blank."

But I can't complain.Too much. Yay Smallville for giving me a little James fix!
He does look a lot younger than he did in Angel S5, so I wonder if that's the brown hair or the makeup or the (alleged) airbrushing...
My first thought when I saw the first one was that it looks like a pretty good wax statue of James.
I miss his lines and crinklies. Though this is probably an appropriate look for Brainiac.
I don't care what color shirt he wears...the man if just plain FREAKING GORGEOUS. Man, do I ever hope that James will be back on our TV screens big time very soon. I am in serious need of a James and Spike fix. Thank you for the fantastic pics Simon....
Meowrrr. Now there's a fine figure of a man.
People are just weird. I don't think that shirt was particularly over-the-top, and I didn't notice any glaringly disturbing signs of airbrushing or photoshop. *shrug*

Great pics, thanks Simon.
All promo shots are altered (airbrushed/photoshoped) before they are released for publication. All of them. That's just how it goes. Sometimes it's something as small as taking a little bit of shine off someone's forehead, sometimes they practically give the person in the photo a full digital facelift. Really. Everything that you see in print (that's not paparazzi or fan shot.. but even some of those) has been touched-up.

But, airbrush magic or no, James is very pretty in pink.
I'm glad these pictures showed up. It's such a long time until he's on Smallville again.
He's a handsome devil, isn't he? Yum.
Very pretty. Don't miss the blond hair at all (but still miss Spike).
I am really waiting on tenderhooks for word of a new series or movie for James...but in the meantime,these are a very nice prezzie. Thanks,Simon. :)
Is it just me or does the third pic look like this:
Does anybody know when is next appearance on SMALLVILLE is?
He's in the next new episode but that isn't due to air until April I think.

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