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February 17 2006

Zap2It Reviews Alyson Hannigan's "Date Movie". Gives it 1.5 stars "Hannigan is the saving grace of this film, gamely looking foolish in every frame. Her halting, nervous speech and crooked smile give Julia a sweetness that's certainly not scripted."

I'm debating whether or not to see this - though I do want to watch Aly and Sophie Monk (I'm a big fan of hers... unashamedly!)
Ugh, I am now determined not to see this movie, I didn't like the Scary Movie franchise, and I despise gross out humor, and nothing in the previews made me laugh. So this review doesn't surprise me.

Best of luck to Aly, maybe I'll see her next movie.
Well, I'll probably give this a miss in the theatres, but might end up renting the DVD if I've nothing else to see. The only reason I'm even considering watching this is Aly, to be honest, but I can see her weekly in the far superior HIMYM anyway. And since it doesn't seem like this has much else going for it, I just don't know. I'm leaning towards not seeing it at the moment. It's not like Aly needs our support for this or anything, people'll probably flock to the theatres anyway ;-)
people'll probably flock to the theatres anyway

Surely will. Will be interesting to see how much it takes. It's teen marketed, happy happy, with Willow from that Buffy The Vampire Slicer thing, with two of the six writers of some other thing.. I'm sure it'll do fine. Target demographic and marketing wise, this is a studios wet dream.

So, all power to Aly for taking it and making the role her own.
Most likely, I will not watch this movie because I don't care for this type of dumb comedy. However, by the same token, I'm very pleased that our Aly is happy and is working her screen magic left and right. Go, Alyson, go!

On my own selfless heart though, I would still love to see her play a serious drama. I think she's cutting herself short....just my opinion.
I've seen several clips from this movie and none of them were funny. Seeing someone as talented as Alyson in this film is heartbreaking. She deserves better.
Aly love aside, this is the kind of movie that sucks your brain out! I just don't have enough brain to spare! Plus I don't think I can stomach a theater full of tween and teens giggling at what they consider clever references...
I will be avoiding this movie like the plague, despite my liking Aly. I'm hoping that her successful, mainstream TV series will result in better roles for her. And, frankly, I wish she would go back to drama, rather than comedy. But I still wish her all the best.
Ugh, I am now determined not to see this movie, I didn't like the Scary Movie franchise, and I despise gross out humor, and nothing in the previews made me laugh.


Oh God, does this look awful. I am depressed that Aly is in it; like others have said, she should go back to serious drama.

I may end up downloading this out of curiosity a few weeks down the line; but even that is questionable.
Well, my non-attendance is no surprise, but this sounds especially dreadful. Read another online review that gave it a D-minus...said Aly manages to overcome (a bit) the horrid script, etc., and that she deserves, as seems to be consensus opinion, much better material.

Hope she finds it.
Aly AND Alexis should be have agents pestering them with quality, chalenging, roles. Why are they not doing Oscar-buzz roles?
I think she should do some drama too, but by the same token, I'm not convinced that she would be offered many roles in that genre. Obviously she was in Buffy where we saw her dip her toe in every genre, but her new show is a comedy and as far as the movies are concerned, she's associated with gross out humour. This being a spoof isn't too far off that track. I think she may have completely pigeonholed herself as far as her movie career is concerned. But maybe not.
Ad-hmmm, it would seem that some of the best minds in this room agrees. Aly, we love you to death, but could you please give us a role we could sink our chops into and explore? We know you are capable. Best of wishes.

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