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February 17 2006

Joss does Peanuts! Hah! What if Joss wrote the comic? See for yourself...

That is way cute! :)
They tell you never to openly mock The Joss with irreverent comic-strip humor. But it is, on occasion, HIGH-larious!
Wow, good catch Simon. I don't recall ever seeing it before. As always, feel free to delete.
That link is almost three years old. How the hell was Willowy supposed to know that!?

However, it's still pretty frakking funny.
Nah we'll keep it. But I've changed the link to
Think that's amongst the first links I ever went to from here.

Still funny though.

Love the "And Charlie Brown is in bed with a tree?"

[ edited by Ghost Spike on 2006-02-17 19:31 ]
The funny is how evil Joss looks ;-)
Willowy, that was wonderful! I'll be snickling on that one for the next day or so :)
I thought it was referencing Joss writing for X-Men comics and if he can make that better surely he can do the same for Peanuts? But this was drawn a year before Joss took the Marvel title.
Thanks for leaving this, Simon. I had never seen this before, and my day has just been made complete.
It's the first time I've seen it too, and I agree, it's high-larious!
Sally Brown with boobs? That's wrong on so many levels. ...I'll be in my bunk.
I'm diggin' Joss all cartoonified. Thanks guys, that was hysterical.
lol. Thanks for leaving it, I've never seen it before. Love the cartoonised Jossy aka Mr Fendendo, it looks just like him. ;)
Haha, that is so cool, definitely worth keeping for the benefit of those of us who weren't around in 2003. I think the likeness of Joss is great and the humour is amazing. I definitely think Charlie Brown sleeping with the tree is hilarious.
The subject did strike me as a bit retro (BtVS in full effect in 2006?) - but Willowy gets props because, let's face it, the site is the one running reprints, and because I'm sure 85% of us never had the great pleasure of seeing this. And Simon gets props for having a phenomenal memory and location spell - just how many articles must he see every day, and he still plucks this one out of the air . . . boy's a genius.

Comic's very good too.
Ha! That was so great.
You forgot one. Props towards you as well, SoddingNancyTribe.

[ edited by Madhatter on 2006-02-18 01:07 ]
Yea I agree SNT, that was pretty nifty remembering there Simon.

I, also , had not seen this before, it's very kool.
Yes, agreed all around. "Yay, team!" (You can tell I've been hitting the AS5 DVDs.)
My favorite part is the uncapped tube o' lube on the nightstand.
Yes, best way to avoid splinters.

I've heard.
I remember this being linked to Whedonesque before as well. I also remember how extremely funny it was, so I'm glad to see it again.
Thanks Willowy for posting and Simon for letting it stay! I don't remember seeing it before and just love to see this type of thing!
Hilarious! I hadn't seen it before either, glad it stayed.
Even cartoon Joss is cute.

*sigh* the ultimate in un-attainability. Hes 2D. Im 3D. It would never work.
Yes, best way to avoid splinters.

I've heard.

Oh Willowy, you nortay!

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