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"Yeah, I killed a city one time. Funny story."
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February 17 2006

New episode of "Cherub" / Angel fan film online now. The second episode of "Cherub", the "Angel" Tribute just got posted today! I tip my hat to these guys! Cool stuff!

I wonder if he's wearing the bunny slippers in every shot or just when the camera is actually showing his feet?
Just when the camera is showing his feet.

A couple years ago, it was easy to find bunny slippers at the mall; I had choices even. This past year, there were doggie slippers, piggie slippers, duckie slippers, but no freakin' bunny slippers. Somehow, "the vampire with piggie slippers" didn't have the same ring to it. I called around - nobody in town seemed to be carrying them. So we used bunny slippers belonging to our script supervisor, coe, and they were too small for basil to wear all the time.
That was great, very funny, loved the flashback would have been even better if he'd put on an Irish accent.

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