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February 17 2006

"Joss and cast wished us good luck with our show," says Barry the Demon Hunter: "The biggest independent sci-fi webshow in the UK."

From the 'about' section of the site:

Priest by day, Demon hunter by night, Barry, fresh out of his long and lonely 10 years of training, has more trouble relating to reality and relationships than the creatures he meets at night, especially when he meets up with a troubled teenage girl, Brook, who is in need of his help. Inspired by the void left by the end of Buffy and Angel, Oliver McNeil, who stars, writes and directs, is creating his own unique world in which to tell his own supernatural stories.

(via MeFi, which also mentions Cherub, Mosquitoverse, Fluffy the Slayer, and Vangelis)

Their camera operator on the most recent episode interviewed me (and a couple of my friends) for her Edinburgh College of Art second-year project on Buffy fandom, which I sometimes pester her to put online.

Sadly, she isn't in charge of sound for Barry, which is frequently plagued by inaudible dialogue.
Wow, I'm impressed. That was great.
BTW, nice taggage Caroline.
ummm I never watched the West Wing... watching the DVD's cause I can't sleep....and decided that MAAYBE there's been some good TV other than Joss TV..

Still, in the pilot, the president throws religious leaders out of the white house and refers to their big asses...

Hmmnn.... and people accuse me of watching something totally UNREALISTIC like Buffy... Yeah right!

Regardless, logged in and saw this.... DAMN... not shabby at all.
The West Wing is awesome. I've not been hooked like that since Firefly, when I bought the DVD one year ago.

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