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February 17 2006

Jeph Loeb on "Sam's Story". Last June, Sam Loeb died at the age of 17 after fighting a three year battle against cancer. Find out how his father and Sam's friends (such as Joss Whedon and John Cassaday) got together to finish writing and drawing Superman/Batman #26 which Sam was working on.

Sam wrote a short story for Joss in Tales of The Vampires #5. In this Newsarama interview, his father notes:

When Sam was asked by Joss Whedon to do his first work, the short story "Some Like It Hot" in Tales of The Vampires #5 from Dark Horse, I remember Joss calling me and asking if I thought Sam would be interested because - having spent time with Sam - Joss had concluded "He is not without The Funny." Part of that is Joss-speak, but the reality was that Sam could "find the Funny" in any situation - even if the Funny was about him.

That's very nice. Thanks for sharing that. I loved his piece in Tales and I was so floored to find out he was so young. His untimely death makes me very sad.
That is really quite touching.

Also, it's really remarkably like a recent episode of Bones (two weeks ago, I believe). Coincidence?
I just want to say, and this is not the sort of thing I ordinarily use this forum for, that it would be a great thing for people to pick up this book when it comes out. Even if you're not a comic fan. Even if you need an interpreter to take you through the comic store. Even if you hate Robin for some reason, like maybe he stole your girlfriend, or wouldn't let you sit at the cool table in the cafeteria, or snuck into your house and pooed on your carpet (they don't write stories about it, but a lot of costumed heroes do that. I never wanna know why.) Put your Robin hatred aside. This book rasies money for a good cause, Sam's cause, and Sam would want me to abuse my celebrity to shamelessly shill his product. You think I'm kidding, but Sam Loeb had no morals of any kind. That's part of what made him awesome. So those of you who might see this and breeze past it, stop and throw down a couple a' hard-earneds for a swell comic. I know at least two pages of it will be brilliant. And I did some too. -j.

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Cheers Joss,
I just read the linked story, abnd now I'm all teary. I might just have to venture in to a comic store to buy this one. A nice read on a saturday at work.
I've never met Sam or read his TALES comic, but I'm a big fan of Jeph Loeb and will get this.
I'm not a Supes-fan especially, but I'll make a special effort for this one.

Perhaps if I'd known Sam Loeb I'd have something funny to add, but I don't: passing at seventeen from cancer is just wrong, in the fullest cosmic sense.
Absolutely, Joss. I was cleaning my carpet for months after the Robin incident, but it seems as though if there was ever a time to get past that, this is it.
*swallows and blinks hard*

Condolences to the Loeb family. Will look out for the comic. Thanks Simon and Joss.
I'm a Marvelite, but this story is so sad and compelling it renders all label bias ridiculous. Add the Joss recommendation, and it's a no-brainer. Stalking Moon (local comic store), here I come. Anyone know if there'll be a dedication in the comic? If not, there should be.
Not normally a DC guy but I liked Sam's Tales.. story and was very sad to hear of his death. Will definitely pick this up.
Like SNT, not a Supes guy...more of a Make Mine Marvel type, back in the Silver Age (yeah, I lived through it)...but, of course, I will, like others here, follow Joss's lead. The right thing to do.

And, warmest and deepest condolences to the family and friends of this remarkable young man, taken so sadly too soon.
I will pick one up. So sad that he died so young. He was so talented.
I'll be looking for it. Love and best wishes to the Loeb family and to Sam's extended family of friends.
I'm convinced. I'll see if my local store has it.
Since I pick up this title every month - well in that issue by issue basis, if you read the article you already know about the shipping lateness -, my comic shop will reserve my copy, without me even having to ask for it.
I'll buy this. Even though I don't care about Superman (though I think Batman's kind of cool), so I'll be buying this more as a symbol than for the reading experience.
I haven't been buying all that many comics over these last several years (but I'm definitely far more a DC than a Marvel person, except for during the sixties and seventies, when I'm the reverse), but I've always enjoyed Jeph's work -- and he seems to be somehow tied with everything I love in the geek world, not just the Whedonian, but also for his great work on Batman and his recent involvement with getting both new comic book and movie versions of Will Eisner's "The Spirit" off the ground. (If you guys don't know Eisner's work, and you claim to love comics...well, you're definitely missing something wonderful and extremely important. In my semi-controversial opinion, Eisner is simply the greatest comics storyteller we've had.)

I any case, I was going to buy this anyway but especially since Joss Whedon is, on some matters, my master now, I'll definitely have to. I'm also curious how it's possible for Superboy and Robin to be friends, given that -- back when I was paying attention to such crucial matters, Superboy is simply young Superman and therefore pre-Batman, and therefore very-pre-Robin.

See what happens when you ignore the important things in life?
After reading that page I find I have, er, something in my eye. Some folk live 80 years and never even nudge the lives of others. Reckon it takes a special person to touch so many in just 17 years (and then to inspire others to continue to change lives for the better is a special kind of special).

And the way everyone's being so bi-partisan about it ? Gives me the happy. Sometimes we, as a species, are just the shit. Pure and simple.

Was buying this anyway but now i'm, well, even moreso.

Anyway, returning to the mundane (Comics ? Mundane ? How very dare I ?) but this isn't the pre-crisis Superboy, this guy is from the 'death' of Superman. Cadmus labs cloned Big Blue which is why Superboy/Robin can be contempories.
This story just breaks my heart. I remember how I felt at the announcement of Sam's death. My heart went thru a shredder. Again, I wish the family my best wishes. Sam was special to all of us.
"Even if you're not a comic fan."

Now I feel all are-you-talkin-to-me-y. And seeing as I used to pretend I was Robin when I was little (My dad was Batman. Pleased to meet you, Mr Freud.), I'll just have to get it then.

Shuffles off to
I was Robin as a child, and my little brother was Batman. I even got Burt Ward's autograph (which is terribly embarrassing on so many levels). To this day I am still Robin, but that is just a coincidence of birth.

What does one do, though, whenever the local comic sellers sneer at you for buying a Joss-related comic?
Well, this would be the first DC title i've picked up in ... pretty much forever but i'll have to get this one. I was absolutely gutted for Jeph when i first read about Sam's death and i think this is a fantastic way to remember him.
Caroline, did you take part in any of the pooing incidents?
I have a slight aversion to Robins, (even tho my daughter has that name, hense we call her Smiley) ex-hubbys name. *shudders* (ETA: Except for you Nebula)

I however, think this is going to be another must buy. I mean, far out, he was only a kid. That's so sad, and awesome that the book was finished.

Every artist and writer has agreed to donate his or her fees and royalties directly to The Sam Loeb College Scholarship Fund. In addition, all of the artwork will be auctioned off next summer - at either the convention in Chicago or San Diego. All of those proceeds will go to the Fund as well.

The Sam Loeb College Scholarship Fund was set up in September 2005. It awards one student, a graduating Senior, each year who attended Sam's High School, North Hollywood High Gifted Magnet Program. The student best exemplifies Sam's qualities both as a student and as a person - in other words, brilliant with a sense of humor.

Since The Fund receives a portion of the book's sales (through the artists and writers royalties), we are urging the retailers to order heavily.

The Fund will make an immediate difference in a child's life. The money awarded can be used for any purpose (provided he or she are attending college), meaning it could go toward tuition, but it might buy them a car or allow them to go on a trip before college. We want the kids to be able to take a little bit of Sam along with them in the journey of their lives and so that Sam's memory would be continued as well.

Oh man...that is heaps kool! Must buy twenty of them.

*skulks off to hug the kids some*

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I have nothing witty or touching to add, just that this link and some of these here comments made me cry and I will definately pick this up. It's a strange kinda happy/proud sad I'm feeling.
"After reading that page I find I have, er, something in my eye."

You're not the only one.

"I guess at that moment Clark wished he didnt have X-Ray Vision"

That was the bit that got me, the hardest part to stomach, the part that shows how powerless the people who are around are to stop whats coming. I'm not a huge comic fan, but that was beautiful and eloquent to me. I'll be picking this up.
Sam's Story was so touching. :"(

I'll be picking up the issue.
I choked back tears when I first heard Sam died last year. Of course I'd never met him, but I got the overwhelming sense he was one of those human beings. Horrible enough he left the world so young, we have to contend with the promise he had. Of course I'll be picking this up.
"What does one do, though, whenever the local comic sellers sneer at you for buying a Joss-related comic?"

Sneer right back.

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