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February 17 2006

BTVSFigs' Ask Diamond 37 includes confirmation of which of the deluxe Angel and Spike figures have swappable arms and the grim news that licensing currently prevents a Puppet Angel action figure.

1. The person who asked about a "classic" Angel figure was reading my mind. Both in last years Angel figures and this years deluxe figures, they have only done Angel in his traditional black coat with a vamped out face. The Angel figure that came with the baby Connor was perfect... except there was no human face variant. Grr, argh!!

2. When the hell will the make Gunn? I don't get it. He is one of the longest running, core Angel characters, but still no word on getting a figure, while they say they'd consider making characters like (dear lord...) the potentials?
Wishlist for Season 7 action figures.

Giles on a horse.
'The First' from the end of Lessons i.e. it turns from Warren into Glory into Adam into The Mayor into Dru into The Master. If Diamond Select haven't mastered this technology then release them as a set.
Surely The First needs to include Evil Buffy in the set. And Caleb. They have a pretty good Nathan Fillion head - which they used for the really rare exclusive Mal figure rather than the normal one. Grrr.

Gunn would also be nice, as would archetypal "City Of" Angel, although he's a nice easy head swap.

(As for Giles on a horse... you just gave me an idea for a custom figure. Hmm.)
I really hope they come out with a good Giles. You know, one that actually LOOKS like Tony Head? ;)

As for the Xander figures... Piss poor. I expected something much better.
Willowy, should we rip these people apart?

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