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February 17 2006

Serenity tops "At the Movies" Viewer's Poll. The reviewers (David and Margaret) were both very positive about the movie, but did refer to the position possibly being due to the "very loyal and organised fan base".

A "very loyal and organised fan base".

I guess that's a bad thing?

I'm with those who hold that Serenity will be talked about years from now, and held in high esteem, and most of the big hits of this year will be at best dim and dusty memories.
I'd say Zuckerbaby was up there with Mimbles in the organisation. Those two did an amazing job of organizing us OzCoats with street team distibution, meetings with different Cimema reps, newspaper and television interviews. Not to mention all the shindigs they've oranised too!
Us OzCoats have a lot to thank them for.

p.s I imagine they'll both kick me in the shins for writing that ; D

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I was very amused by the results! I have to say I placed two votes, one for the BDM and one for "Goodnight and Good Luck", which was a superb film. And i am ecstatic both of them made it in there!

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