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February 18 2006

Find some Kane Country in MySpace Music. Christian Kane's band Kane takes up space in MySpace, if you never heard them you can check out some of their songs there. Also the announcement of a couple of dates: the band will be playing 2 **FREE** concerts in Nashville, Tn in March.

No time to waste... so straight to the KANE news...

1. KANE have gotten the attention of several major recording companies in Nashville, TN who have asked us to put on shows for them. These shows (called "showcases") are a test used by record labels to decide whether they want to sign bands to record deals. Thanks to all your support, and a bit of hard work on our own part, we have the opportunity to try to take KANE to the next level with the help of a major label. Here is the info:

TUESDAY, MARCH 7th at 5:30pm at 12th & Porter in Nashville, TN (114 12th Ave. N.)
This is a "closed showcase" being put on by one of the major labels. However, ALL KANE FANS ARE WELCOME. There is no Cover Charge.

THURSDAY, MARCH 9th at 6:00pm at 12th & Porter in Nashville, TN (114 12th Ave. N.)
This is an "open showcase" being put on for some other major labels. EVERYONE IS WELCOME. There is no Cover Charge.

We would love if any of you can join us for these free shows. By showing these major record label folks the strength of the KANE community, it would go a long way towards getting us signed to a major label, getting a record out with major distribution (record stores, Best Buy, etc.), touring nationally and internationally, getting videos made, and so on. If you can make it, please wear you KANE t-shirts, make one of your own, or do whatever it takes to show your support.

2. We thought you might want to sing along to some of the new songs being played at the show... so we have posted NEW KANE SONGS on our MySpace! page for streamed listening. ( Check them out. Let us know what you think. Join our Friends List. If you rip these songs, please don't post them elsewhere, it gets us in trouble. Plus, playing them off MySpace helps promote the band by increasing our rankings there.

A few notes about showcases... This will likely be a short set compared to a usual show. It's also pretty early in the day (check those set times twice). The club is small... so we suggest you get there early. We look forward to seeing those of you who can join us. This is a great opportunity we have been working on for a long time. We hope to see you there.

Special note #3: We are looking at doing a few dates in Europe this spring. If anyone has venue suggestions for an acoustic KANE show in Paris, London, Germany, or thereabouts please let us know. Let's all hope we see you this spring and will be celebrating our brand new major label deal!

KANE & Brand X Management

Cool! Christian Kane has a very strong voice.
Ya know, I woldn't say that I liked much country at all; however, I don't mind some of their songs.
Though, I kinda feel like I need a beer when I'm listening to it.
Is that normal? ; )
Excellent find, RavenU. That boy sure can sing. Thanks!
Nixygirl - I have lived in TN my entire life. It is not uncommon to need a beer when you listen to country music.
Mmmm Beer. Good.
Move this post to the extended description

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Aw, why can't I get the player to work...

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