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February 18 2006

Midnight Serenity, Plus Firefly Marathon. Browncoats in and around Santa Cruz, California, get one sweet event come April 1st. And the 14-hour running time would seem to suggest that it's the film followed by the entire series (though I've not confirmed that).

confirmed, and it will be at the DelMar Theatre on Pacific Ave.
So it starts at midnight and ends at 2 pm the next day? I'm tempted and yet... for the same reason I wasn't much lured by the LotR Trilogy Tuesday, it's a major physical commitment to sit through 14 hours in a movie theater. Comfort issues aside (I'm bringing cushions if I go -- and wearing sweatpants!), the food and bathroom and sleep issues could make this a death march... with Firefly!
Oh hell yes. I've been hoping for this. I didn't think it would actually happen. Can't wait.
Oh, damn. I've got a friend in Santa Cruz who I've been trying to get to watch Firefly, but I think this is a bit much for an introduction. =)

And dottikin, I did do the LOTR Trilogy Tuesday. Well worth it, I'd say.
Surely that would be Firely followed by Serenity
Firefly is followed by Joss Whedon's spectacular first foray onto the big screen with SERENITY, the cinematic adaptation of his wildly popular but short-lived sci-fi series, FIREFLY.
Though if I were the theatere owner I'd probably go for the sandwich - Serenity (the BDM) followed by Firefly, then Serenity again!
I've gone to a 24 hour Hamlet movie marathon. It started around 4:00 p.m. and finished the next day. I left around 10:00 the next morning. Others came and went but due to the location, I didn't have that luxury. Still, it was amazing. Anyone who thought that watching Branagh's Hamlet was tiring, should try this!
I think I could do Firefly and Serenity. A group of us did do most of Firefly on the Labour Day Marathon on Space.
*sniff* I love the Nic and the Del. There's nothing like that here in hell--I mean, in Las Vegas. *sniff*
Lucky, lucky, lucky people! What a fun "pajama" party this will be. I'll be there in spirit.
The last triology I sat through was a benefit Star Wars IV-VI many many years ago at the Egyptian on Hollywood Blvd. Ah...good times, good times. : )

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Surely that would be Firely followed by Serenity...

Oh, hmm. I think perhaps that when I read that bit I had read it as "after making Firefly, Joss followed it up with Serenity." But now that I've re-read it, I don't know which meaning is the right one.
ooooo sweet! I go to college in SC!!!! Except this is during my spring break and I'll probaly be at home...And 14 hour's a bit much to hang around a theater
Nice way to start April Fools Day :)
OMG I'll be living near there (moving at the end of March) so I can totally go...but I'm thinking I might just go half way through (I don't have the strength for 14 hours, but I'm sure I can do 7! LOL).
Shiny! I got time to plan for this then. It definitely sounds like major fun.
More theatres should have such great ideas!
More theatres should have such great ideas!

So convince one that it's a good idea.

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