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"Way to go with the keen observiness, Jessica Fletcher."
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February 18 2006

The Brokeback Effect. "Slash" has been propelled into the near-mainstream thanks to the popularity of Brokeback Mountain. Mentions of Faith/Buffy and Angel/Spike slash vids, etc.

Hey, CDS has been doing the Angel/Spike slash thing for YEARS!!
Ha! Angel/Spike fanvid done to NIN's Closer.
Oh my!
During a company dinner a few weeks ago I had to explain to everybody what fanfic and slash was. Nobody had ever heard of it. Weirdos.
Ah yes, Whedonesque. Where purses are seen as dildos and Spike Angel pairings are discussed as a matter of course. No, of course we are not the weird ones. Thanks for the laugh, Caroline. But tell me, did they all inch their seats away from you a little after your explanation?
They asked "How do you know these things?". But this is after all Holland and I work in broadcasting, so thankfully it's not the most conservative environment.
So, slash fanfic helped pave the way to make Brokeback more acceptable to general audiences, which in turn made slash more popular!!! Woohoo! ;)
Yes, I knew this was going to happen - just yesterday I saw two rather intoxicated guys wrestling each other to the ground while one of thier friends looked on and yelled 'BROKEBACK!'

It's become part of popular culture now... I'm sure after a little while it will be used derogetorly (no idea of spelling) and we'll all be wishing it never was
Ahh.. happy news. The future is indeed bright and gay.

God bless, Annie Proulx. That old Pulitzer prize winning slash whore...
"Ahh.. happy news. The future is indeed bright and gay."

Hehehehehe, it most certainly is.
Eh. It's one of the things that tends to turn me off fanfic. I can't stand reading a fanfic that takes such liberties with the characters, and some of the best fanfic I've ever read then takes a left turn and totally ruins the real illusion - stories that could actually take place in the fictional 'verse of the source material.
Zachsmind, slash turns you off fanfic? I wasn't aware that there was much of any other kind.
And to think that even a luminary such as David Fury had never even heard of slash until July last year - we told him in graphic detail (pun intended) detail at Tabula Rasa!

Somehow I found that even stranger - I just assumed .....
I only heard about slash from the last post where Joss chimed in on the topic about a month ago.

Thanks to Spikeylover for the post. I spent an hour looking through lots of links and got to see Faith and Buffy in a new light. Plus I added a new entry into the spankbank. I'll never watch Badgirls the same way again. (um, is that an overshare?)
(um, is that an overshare?)

Maybe just a tad.
Eh. It's one of the things that tends to turn me off fanfic.

Here we go again... I don't much like fanfic because I'm too much of a canon-lover. However slash takes no more liberties with the character than any other kind of fic really. As far as I'm concerned, fic is basically all alternate-universe anyway. It will never be the show, so I take it in that light. When I choose to take it at all.
"When I choose to take it at all."

Which is basically what slash is all about!
Buffy and Spike got together/had a thing by Season 6. As much as some viewers may've been hoping for it, I doubt too many predicted that would happen by the end of Season 2 (especially with him only showing up once in Season 3. I didn't expect him to be back in a big way in Season 4, figured he'd be more of a recurring guest character like Ethan Rayne or someone who showed up a bit more frequently than that).

I don't feel that it would've been so out of the question for other unconventional pairings to have happened (Buffy/Spike is pretty unconventional), even when they're same-sex. Hell, Firefly barely got off its feet. With the exception of Zoe/Wash, I was never a diehard 'shipper for any of the pairings, as cute as Simon/Kaylee are and as much as I like Mal and Inara individually. Pretty much any of those characters could've paired off (whether that entails relationships, heated one-nighters, or f-buddies depends on the two involved and what the viewer can buy into) and I probably wouldn't have blinked. Especially if it were Simon/Jayne, Simon/Mal, Jayne/Mal...Buffy/Faith easily could've happened and made perfect sense, though I'm not arguing that it should've.

It's alternate universe/what-if material. When it's well-written, slash-fic is just as valid as any other kind of fanfic.

I've only read a few Firefly slash-fics and a couple Buffy fanfics in the eleven years I've been into Joss' shows, plus I bashed most of the regular series Buffy comics, so I dunno why I'm defending this stuff.

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