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February 18 2006

The Times reviews the Serenity R2 DVD. That's the London Times by the way, not the johnny come lately New York one. Anyhow, they give the DVD 4 stars out of 5 and cock a snoop at George Lucas by saying "it is quite possible for the writing to be as lively as the visuals".

Lovely, if brief, review! Thanks, Simon, for the link, and for using the phrase "cock a snoop." I do love Whedonesque.

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Lets hope for good sales in the UK, though this review says available now it's out on the 27th. It's third on the "Hot Pre Release" list behind Were Rabbit and Goblet Of Fire so not too shabby.
Well, it's done bloody great over here in Oz. Hopefully the pommes will buy a few million of the DVDs.

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Okay, that is way cool, not that the Times (not the johnny come lately one) would phrase it that way, or approve of such a phrase -- might even cock a snoop at such street expressions. When did the Times, BTW, switch to the star rating system. Seems to me it wasn't that long ago when reviews were rated: King, Queen, Prince, duke/duchess(chick flick), sheriff and vassal. ;-)
Hopefully the pommes will buy a few million of the DVDs.

Don't get your hopes up ;)
Well, I'll just be sitting here, crossing my fingers that the UKers will once again prove their superiority over my fellow stupid Americans...

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