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February 19 2006

Cool Money to Re-Air in March. James Marsters' made for tv movie about small-time thief Bobby Comfort will re-air on March 1st at 12:30pm Eastern Time on the USA cable network (US).

One of the great benefits of having TiVo! I've had this movie on my Wishlist for months, and noticed my TiVo was all set to record its reairing this morning when I checked my listings. Just thought I should share the info with those who might have missed it the first time around.

I saw Cool Money in July last year - one of the public screenings in-between events at Tabula Rasa. I don't like crime caper movies but this was as good as they can be, IMNSHO. JM's acting was outstanding and there were enough twists and turns to keep me entertained. Well worth watching, even if just to see JM doing non-Spike. I can't quite bring myself to watch Smallville at any cost so it is the only thing non-Slayerverse thing I have ever seen JM in.
I don't like crime caper movies but this was as good as they can be, IMNSHO

As good as they can be? Well, tastes differ I suppose but I don't think this compares all that well to movies like The Usual Suspects, Heat, The Italian Job (both versions), Mission Impossibe I, Oceans 11 & 12, The Sting, Sneakers, Dollar, Out of Sight, A Fish Called Wanda, Jackie Brown, Ronin, etc.

James is great, and he did what he possibly could with this thing but even for a TV movie that was one of the worst scripts I've ever seen.

But like I said, to each their own.
I rather enjoyed Cool Money. James was great in it and it was a very enjoyable Heist film
I enjoyed Cool Money also Deb. It was a TV movie, with a small budget, so I didn't try to compare it to big screen movies. James was excellent, and on the shallow side, it was great to see him in a different wardrobe. OMG, the man looked gorgeous in those suits. I never thought that I would get sick of seeing Spike in that black leather coat and black T-shirt, but by Angel S5 I was thinking, enough of the coat already, can the guy please have a change of wardrobe.
I really do like crime dramas, and I love JM, but I was so bored in this movie I barely got through it. I could not watch it a second time. But I did watch him in Smallville and he looked great and did a great job, and I'm not a Smallville fan either. He is coming back for some more episodes soon. I'll watch those.
It was fun to see JM in a non-Spike role, and I'll watch him in just about anything (even Smallville), but this was at best only an average TV movie. He did as much as he could with the part, but the script was lame, and he did much better work in Buffy and Angel. I think even his Smallville work is better. I saw its first airing, but I think I can find better uses of a couple of hours this time around.
I am glad to know it is re-airing. I enjoyed it the first time. It may not have been anything more than a mildly entertaining movie but at least I could watch it with the whole family without being embaressed (unlike a lot of other dreck I've been seeing). And,yes,on a shallow note,I did love it just for the screencaps that it brought to us. And for a first step away from the "Spike" character,I thought this was just fine.
The only thing I liked was that the story was set where I live (although Rochester doesn't look anything like that, and they renamed a bunch of things -- the racetrack, court, etc).

Would have been better had they filmed here so that I could have seduced James....

Oops, did I type that out *hehe*

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