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February 19 2006

Dushku quits Dog Sees God. Eliza and three others quit the play.

Perhaps this will leave her space for a Faith movie!

How disturbing. And it's "Dog *Sees* God."

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The name of the play was Dog Sees God and the announcement that Eliza and some of the other actors were leaving was made back in January on the plays website. Not because of this scandal but because that is how long they were contracted for.
Thanks Pat32082 - I've edited the link title so it's actually right. I'm hungry, obviously.
Shame for Eliza that it didn't work out. I wish her all the best, and many years of lighting up our screens.
ETA: Sorry if this was linked back in Jan - mods please take it down if it's appropiate.

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Faith movie? I don't think that one is on anybodies cards right now.

Also, that article disturbed me slightly. Heh.
Seems the author of the article didn't get the play's name correct either. See the first sentence of the 8th paragraph.

Whether this producer is guilty or not, she's officially been dragged through the mud.
Totally. If it reaches court, I expect they'll get Eliza in to testify either way.
Man that's still one hell of a story! I hate how people can be 'found guilty' in the media without a shred of proof, but if this article is even half true I do get that feeling of 'where there's smoke'....

And even though Eliza was leaving anyway, she must know whether or not this is true. Man there'll be some speculating on this one for a while. And I just can't shake the image of that woman going 'Come on baby, you know you want it' to a struggling Gabriel Byrne.....;-)
Appalled! I can't believe it! Have you ever in a million years seen such despicable indecency? Scandalous! I believe not only should this Dede Harris be tarred and feathered but the entire cast and crew should be locked away for their horrendously insensitive and primitive behavior! I can't believe Eliza Dushku would allow her reputation to be tarnished by having any involvement in this production. I've always thought until now she made better decisions involving her career's direction, but after a fiasco like this it's completely possible not a single person in Broadway or Hollywood or any points in between would ever want to shine a spotlight or aim a camera at her shameful face again! Every single one of them should be ashamed of themselves. To blame this Liou coe shway duh biao-tze huh hoe-tze duh bun ur-tze is smoke and mirrors! The producer doesn't build the sets. The producer doesn't say the lines on the stage. The producer doesn't write those lines! Anyone affiliated with this luh-suh that insults the good name of Charles Schultz should be hauled away like the hut-ze duh pee-goos that they are! Copyright infringement laws be damned. I don't care if they don't use the real names to avoid litigation, every single person involved in this 'production' should have their eyes gouged out with a flame thrower! I can't stand it! I just can't stand it! They killed off Snoopy in the first scene? They didn't make Marcie and Patty lesbian lovers? What utter gaul! What unthinkable stupidity! To think anyone would pay to see this, let alone produce it! ...Whut? ...The producer was making sexual advances at Dushku? ...I'll be in my bunk. Did anyone get photographs?
Not for the first time, I am in awe, ZachsMind. LOL.
Wow ZachsMind, you really went with that one. *l*

And if I had been accused of sexually harassing Joey McIntyre, I'd probably deny it too.
On the other hand I'd probably have to work pretty hard not to sexually harass Eliza. In a nice way.
This is so weird. I just saw this play yesterday. I had tickets for the 11th but we got hit with that big snowstorm so I switched my tickets for the 18th.

I was wondering why three actors had been replaced in the show. I was very disappointed when I got there. I knew Eliza was not going to be in it thanks to a link from here, but 2 others were also missing from the performance and had been replaced.

Mixed reviews or not, that play was hysterical. I thought it was very good and actually want to see it again.

It's a shame if this story is true.
All sorts of ugly things happen behind the scenes in theatre. This isn't at all surprising.

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Mixed reviews or not, that play was hysterical. I thought it was very good and actually want to see it again.

I thought the idea sounded potentially very funny. I wish they'd put some plays out on DVD at some point. Probably sounds like sacrilege to some but I'd love to see what some movie actors make of the stage, like Kevin Spacey or Al Pacino. Or Eliza for that matter....
Agreed. The unfortunate limit of the stage (besides it usually makes no money) is that most people can't see it. It's either geographically or financially out of the reach of the masses.
Agreed. The unfortunate limit of the stage (besides it usually makes no money) is that most people can't see it. It's either geographically or financially out of the reach of the masses.

Yeah I'm not in a position to just fly across the country for a play. And now that I think about it, why can we buy DVDs comedians doing live stand up, but not plays? It's really an old-school snobbery thing, isn't it? Pity, because it would likely raise their profit margins as fans of actors would probably buy the DVDs. And as you say, they usually make little to no money.
I'm going to NY in a few days and have tickets to a broadway show, but it's 'The Producers'. 'Dog Sees God' sounds pretty crappy anyway, but if Eliza was still in it I might be (slightly) tempted to see it too.

Of course, Broadway is just a prelude to the real reason for my trip, business. I'm being forced, FORCED I tell you, to spend this entire upcoming weekend looking at hot models trying on various forms of lingerie. Ah, the things I'll do for money.
Oh you just wanted to brag! ; )

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