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"I wasn't looking at your neck!"
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February 19 2006

First pictures of Phina Oruche in "Footballers Wives" in the slideshow on the main page, and she is looking mighty beautiful! Series Five begins ITV1 on Thursday at 9pm. Spoilers for Footballers Wives fans (if there are any apart from me!)

Ah, Olivia from Buffy - IMDB is my friend. From Buffy to Footballers Wives... Internet tongue, bite!
"Internet tongue, bite!"

Shush I love me some of the Footballers Wives! Dont you be a dissin' it in my presence otherwise I'll get Tanya Turner on you! Gloriously Trashy and completely over the top..what more can you want on a Thursday evening.

Possibly a foot massage. Possibly not.

Either way, the Wives are back! And I shall be celebratin!!!!
Well, I have been watching the completely direwonderfully entertaining series Adam Baldwin is in on Sky One, so can't comment really. They have bearded terrorists on that. Everybody, in fact, with a beard is evil. Except for Adam, obviously.

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They've been showing alot of commercials for this here in the states the last few weeks.
They've been showing alot of commercials for this here in the states the last few weeks.

Uhm, really?
It's an awful, awful show and I certainly don't watch it every week without fail and I definitely never will again.
Yeah, the premiere for the new season starts on BBC America soon and every cable station is showing this promo where its raining and they have these footballers out dripping and the woman walks up to them. Very intriguing I guess?
That'll be for Series Three eddy.

Such a glorious series that was...Tanya at her prime. The murdering, baby swapping, taloned crack whore that she is! Attends her first husbands funeral, (who was pushed off a building by her aneorexic best friend whos now also dead) two hours later marries another the chairman of the club (who she originally put into a coma then blackmailed the nurse who was having sex with him WHILE HE WAS IN A COMA!!! to switch off his life support machine, but then he woke up so she accused him of rape instead) bumps him off by shagging him to death, and shacks up with the captain of the team (Conrad) who happens to be married to Amber her arch nemesis (who tries to hang herself then finds out she is pregnant with Conrads baby). Tanya finds out she herself pregnant but a video message from Frank tells her that he put holes in the condoms she used to shag him to death with and that the baby is his. Spending the next nine months swilling Bloody Marys and smoking Royal's, Tanya waits until Amber is giving birth, then has a Caeserean while giving herself a manicure. She then swaps the babies, and puts fake tan on the one given to Amber (because Amber has Indian heritage) which then makes Amber's dog smother the baby. Amber thinks its hers, but its actually Tanya's. Meanwhile Amber starts to suspect theres something fishy going on, digs up the baby, does a DNA test and finds out that Tanya's been a naughty girl. Tanya leaves on a helicopter for good...except now shes back

So theres just a little bit of of the kind of show Phina Oruche has joined. Im just betting that Joss is kicking himself for not coming up with the idea in the first place.

Seriously though, it might not be the most realistic or emotionally deep show, but its a good bit of trashy fun, with nudity for everyone. On what other show would you get a hemaphrodite baby as a result of a mother doing the son she never had? (although I did hear that was the main arc for Firefly Season Four)

This. Year. Is. Going. To. Kick. My. Ass.
"and the woman walks up to them" Tanya. I hope you bowed down to the TV when you saw her eddy.
Wow, that's an impressive run down Apocalypse, and yet, I'm still not tempted to watch it.
"Wow, that's an impressive run down Apocalypse, and yet, I'm still not tempted to watch it."

Well I guess it might not be to everyone's taste hehehe

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