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February 20 2006

Look Who Has Hands Of Blue... The trailer for Ultraviolet includes a scene with the bad guy wearing blue gloves.

In a possible nod to Firefly, the new film starring Milla Jovovich and directed by Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium), shows the big bad in blue gloves. It's the story of a medically modified girl in a dystopian future world.

Is that a nod or more of a rip off? The trailer looks kinda sweet. I'll be going to see this flick hey.

I saw it and thought about Goners, and Joss' little clue the other day. Violet's not in any way ultra, he musta been referring to this. Maybe she's a total victim? Or, perhaps she is a little like this character and he's cluing us into that. Or, he was just misleading us? (more than likely that)

Either way, I'm just hanging to know what Goners is about. Thd bistard knows what he's doing keeping his cards to his chest so tightly.
Odd. I find the trailers and ads for UV to look rather horrid.
Oooh, pretty! Of course, after seeing the movie, that could end up as pretty dire, pretty pretty or pretty good. Either way, I will see this, I think!
I actually got the trailer confused with Aeon Flux a coupla times...
Um...watching that trailer once was (far) more than enough. Watching it again to pick up on a dude with blue hands...kinda sorta outta the question.
The film Aeon Flux I hope, not the animated series. The animated series from the `90s was a thing of beauty.

Does this Ultraviolet have anything at all to do with the short-lived-but-cult-favorite British series of the same name (the one that was about vampire-like people, except the condition was biological instead of supernatural) ? I vaguely remember reading a while back that they were making an Americanized adaptation of it--so this is it?

The trailer's very stylish. Eh, they re-use already overused score from The Matrix. Milla Jovovich's narration is kinda stilted and trying-too-hard-to-sound-deadly. Hopefully it's just for the trailer and not in the film (that kind of direct-to-the-audience exposition as a way of establishing setting and character usually doesn't sit well with me, not in this sort of movie anyway). It's hard to tell if there's something good in there, have to wait and see.

It's written/directed by the same guy who wrote/directed Equilibrium. I know that sci-fi flick with Christian Bale has its following, but I haven't seen it yet.
No, this Ultraviolet has nothing to do with BBC's Ultraviolet. I'd be happy if the BBC version would continue in some form... but this isn't it. In the BBC series, Ultraviolet was the kind of light the scientists used to view invisible vamp bite marks, etc. Based on the trailer, this new film is more of a visual explosion when compared to BBC's psychological show.
Hmm. Not sure about this one. Might give it a look.

As an aside, I saw an episode of 'My Name is Earl' where the brothers went to prison and were searched by two guards with blue gloves. Made me think of Firefly immediately (might've been a nod or might just be what prison guards actually use).

BTW, the UK 'Ultraviolet' was actually a Channel 4 series tho' it may have come to the US via BBC America (not really certain how that works). It was an excellent updating of the vampire mythos, well acted, well scripted and, well, too short ;). Vaughn (the squaddy turned vamp hunter) was probably my favourite with the kind of seething, repressed anger that may only be truly effective with a British character (repression after all is one of our national past-times ;).
If you get a chance to see the UK series I recommend it. It was excellent.

There was a pilot made for a US version, which is detailed here.

Of course since it was made for Fox need I say any more about its ultimate fate.
I was definitely thinking that this looks way too much like Aeon Flux (the recent film) and The Matrix. I also think one part looks suspicously like it has been lifted from the Metroid games. I didn't think the blue gloves seemeed too obvious or a reference to Firefly. To be honest, you would have seen them on the hands of doctors or scientists all over TV pre-Firefly, and most sightings post-Firefly are probably just a continuation of that.
My first thought when I saw this trailer was that it was made by a music video director (my second thought was that it looked just like the video for Britney Spears' "Toxic"). I was disappointed to see it's from the writer/director of "Equilibrium", which I haven't seen but I think looks really cool (it's in my Netflix queue). It seems to me he was going for a very specific look and feel on this one, and it just came out looking silly. And yeah, coming out on the tail of "Aeon Flux", it is way too reminiscent of that movie.
I absolutely love Kurt Wimmer's Equilibrium, so I'm looking forward to this. I haven't read enough about him to know if he's a Joss Whedon fan, but it could very well be a shout out.
This was made before Aeon Flux. Its been on the shelf for like a year. I read rumors on IMDB that the film editing was taken out of Wimmer's hands after a test screening so expect a director's cut DVD some day!
Well this movies deals with Vampires so it could be a reference.
I saw an ad for this movie and I honestly thought it was an ad for mascara or something. They need to learn that they cant just slap a picture of Milla somewhere without people just thinking she's modeling cosmetics.

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You know who else has hands of blue? David's costars on ep 12 of Bones. They are cleaning bones and they have blue gloves on. I saw the gloves and it made me think of Firefly. My fiance thought the exact same thing when she saw it. We looked at each other after seeing it and laughed.
There was a pilot made for a US version, which is detailed here.

Interesting that Idris Elba was cast in the same role for both productions.

To be honest, it was a good job it didn't go anywhere, because Stringer Bell would be a different beast if he wasn't Elba.
The blue gloves used in firefly is actually ordinary nitrilgloves used in numerous laboratories around the world, that they are used in Bones isn't necessary a nod to firefly.
Viewing the trailer for UltraViolet, when the narrator said "They made her a weapon. They made her a target"... somehow, that rang a bell...
Viewing the trailer for UltraViolet, when the narrator said "They made her a weapon. They made her a target"... somehow, that rang a bell...

This movie looks horrible.. first I thought it was a preview for Aeon Flux.. guess i'll wait to read reviews or something... I noticed Tom from Invasion, he looked rather different from his role on the tv show.
Well it looks to me like Kill Bill and Aeon Flux had some bastard offspring together. Action scenes look nice and Milla looks hot and that's about as far as compliments can probably go for a film like this. Purely derivative bubblegum hoping to cash in on other people's ideas.

Of course since Aeon Flux already didn't do all that great, and yet another 'babe with blades' named Bloodrayne completely bombed, it may be Ultra Violet is a little late with this and that the audience is tired of ass-kicking ladies for a while.

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