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March 11 2003

Thank Buffy Ad Campaign to put a 1/4 page ad in the Hollywood Reporter.

I was wondering if there was going to be something of this nature to thank Joss and co. It's a very nice gesture for fans to show their appreciation.

There's a 'Thank you James Marsters Ad' which will be running in Variety soon.

The James Marsters Variety Ad Campaign
These are awesome. I was a part of a USA Today ad for Lois & Clark quite a few years ago.
I don't know. I could think of a lot of better ways to thank someone with $1200.00. Like throwing the cast and crew of Buffy a party. Or maybe giving to a charity in their name. Maybe the Stuttering Foundation of America. That'd be cool.

I just can't get behind something that appears to be for those who brought us Buffy, but benefits only a magazine like The Hollywood Reporter. I don't understand the reasoning behind it. Unless maybe it's an attempt to flip off Hollywood and make anyone who reads The Reporter realize they screwed up by snubbing the series. I don't see how that's beneficial now. The fans of the series could better utilize their accumulated effort by helping people in the name of their favorite fictional heroine.
An"End of Buffy" edition of the Hollywood reporter? Anyone here know when it'll be out?
You couldn't buy an extra value meal for the cast and crew for 1200 bucks. They have a wrap party every year, as does most shows.

Nick Brendon's official site will be sponsoring a donation drive for the Stuttering Foundation in a little while.
FYI: The Thank You James campaign *is* donating money to a charity of JM's choosing. All of the money that's been donated that's in excess of the amount required to buy the ad is going to a Pediatric AIDS charity. Thus far they've raised over $1900 - for the charity, which, I think, is pretty impressive.

Although I personally think it's a little excessive to spend all this money on a Thank You ad in Variety, I do think it's quite beneficial to the recipients. This is the trade magazine for their industry, after all. It can only be a good thing to get their names so very visible.

And I seem to recall reading that the Save Firefly ad made Joss happy as hell.

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