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February 20 2006

Safe sex may require a mouth guard. See how your interest immediately perked up when I mentioned the word 'mouth guard'. Well, fellow Whedonites, you are not the only ones it appears.

Venerable Time Magazine discusses the appeal of vamps for the female population. Apparently us girls like a bloodsucking bad boy with fab abs (no really?) and Joss is personally responsible for making us swoon.

This article merely poses the question, if the dark hero is this popular, why oh why are there not more decent vampire movies up on the big screen? Or on the small screen? And where is the big Angel movie? And where is the small Spike movie? And why are the verse books not better written? (Ok thatís possibly more than one question.)

Fun article miranda! The supernatural romance genre is getting very popular and like all genres it contains everything from trash to literature.

If anyone is interested in a "vamp" romance novel that takes place in Toronto try this - "Bitten & Smitten" by Michelle Rowan. I just started it so I can't give a review.
I'm not sure Joss is entirely responsible - I think I've mentioned it before when discussing Spike's appeal, but I blame Kiefer Sutherland in the Lost Boys, my first celebrity crush. Looks like I never really recovered!
Of course, Joss is personally responsible for making me swoon on a fairly regular basis too.

I think the preponderance of terrible vampire 'stuff' - books, films, etc, is because writers can sometimes be lazy - they let the premise or the McGuffin stand instead of good writing and plotting. It happens with every genre, not just sci-fi or horror, there are good and bad examples of just about every type of movie or fiction (except chick-lit, which is just terrible...). But there do seem to be more terrible sci-fi and horror books than good ones; perhaps it's a very easy premise to allow to take over.
No arguing that Joss is boss when it comes to vamps and their stories...but let's be fair, he is not totally responsible for the blood and lust...let's not forget the other seductive and angsty vampires of the past out there such as Nick Knight and Vachon from Forever Knight from the small screen (now on dvd) and Lestat, Louis and Ormand from the Anne Rice novels brought to the big screen just to name a few. Not too mention all the good novels and short story collections of well written tales of vampire lust. Just ask Joss; Google is your friend ;)
Sturgeon's Revelation: "Ninety percent of everything is crud." That's why most "literature" in any genre is crap. But the good stuff makes it worth it!
I've gotten several people hooked on the Sookie Stackhouse Southern vampire novels by Charlaine Harris. (They all have the word "dead" in the titles: Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas, etc.)

Yes, they have sexy vampires, werewolves, fairies, even a Bacchante in one of them. There is a core mystery in each book (I'm not a big mystery fan), but what I enjoy are the characters, who keep growing and changing in a realistic way. (Well, realistic for supernatural creatures.)

Alan Ball (of Six Feet Under) announced that his next TV series will be based on the books. I can't wait. And I've already pre-ordered the next book.
Joss is personally responsible for making us swoon
Well, yes. He makes me swoon!
I'm a guy and Joss totally makes me swoon. Someone so talented and intelligent...
I really enjoyed that article. I've always enjoyed "supernatural" fiction, and personally I'm glad it's catching on!
Hmmm. I have read Hamilton and she's hardly Whedon material. She basically makes money off of her... ahem... VERY personal fantasies. After the first three books I stopped because they were a little too much.

However, very fun article, although I was disappointed that they didnt talk about THE HISTORIAN, which is a phenominal book about searching for the immortal man behind the DRACULA legend. It's just out and getting rave reviews. And it DOES hold up to Whedon, in my mind.

Thanks for mentioning the Historian. Sounds intriguing, I think I will read that. I heard about the new Alan Ball series previously and I am very much looking forward to it.
Yes, I've seen ads for the Historian too, and wondered whether it was any good. Will check it out.
Bah, Hamilton is great! Her books are perfect for taking to public places and getting completely squeemish-y with twat angst.

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