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February 20 2006

Anthony Head celebrates his 52nd birthday. Happy birthday Giles!

A very happy birthday to you, Anthony!
Happy Buirthday to the man i love, his birthday was mention it the TV Times for any UK whedonesquers ouyt there!
Wow...sexiest 50-something out there!
Happy Birthday Anthony!
Oh! Like Anthony Stewart Head actually sticks his head in here, like, EVER.






(psst! Just in case you're reading this thread. Loved your album. Happy Birthday Mister Head.)
Happy birthday to the first Whedonverse actor I ever met and still my favourite.
Happy birthday, Ripper!

...AKA coffee commercial guy. ;-)
Happy Birthday, Mr Head....I hope your sitcom is picked up, can't wait to see you in that role!!
Many happy returns, and many more!
Happy Birthday Anthony! I hope his next 50 years are as great as the first 52. :)
Happy Birthday!

Anyone see him in Imagine Me & You? Hilarious.
Happy birthday, Anthony!
Happy Birthday! Many happy returns!

In Prague there is a church of St.Giles. Well deserved, I'd say :)
"AKA coffee commercial guy"

Yeah! When are we gonna get the full length motion picture about that coffee commercial guy and his coffee commercial leading lady! We gotta start petitioning Taster's Choice! The time is ripe for it - there IS an audience! Look at our research!
Happy Birthday, Mr. Head. You're a fabulous actor, and your work has given me much joy and happiness and so, thank you.

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