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February 22 2006

Serenity at the Calvin Awards. Serenity has won Best Picture and is in the Top Ten in several other categories including Best Cast, Best Screenplay, Best DVD, Best Supporting Actor, Best Scene, Best Trailer and Best Supporting Actress.

Wow, way to go BDM, that's a lot of nods. Missing the Nathan love, but some pretty interesting categories. Serenity placed 2 times for Best Scene--impressive.
Some serious love here for Serenity. It even got a nod in the top 10 for Special effects. And finally! Some love for River's bar scene.
Thanks for the find, derf.
Note that Nathan gets some love in the Best Trailer writeup for Slither.
That's OK Lioness, I wasn't sure whether it was worthy of a post as Serenity didn't win anything so i'm glad you enjoyed it.
"River has one-woman bar fight..."

Here's a couple fun stupid trivia questions.
Just how many different people does River take out in the bar scene?
What number is Jayne?

Yes. I watched and counted them. =P
From best scene:
[...] Sergeant Malcolm Reynolds is overmatched in hand-to-hand combat with The Operative while several poor, innocent Reavers feel the same way about their encounter with River Tam [...]

What an absolute adorable wording. That's gonna stay with me tonight: the poor innocent Reavers :)
Serenity has been included in two new categories today with a second place for Best Cast and fourth place for Best Screenplay.
Serenity has now won Best Picture at the Calvin Awards and Joss came second in the Best Director category.

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