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February 22 2006

A very unique site for a couple of very unique Gentlemen. Doug Jones and Camden Toy have joined force to create a website celebrating two of the most frighting characters in the buffyverse, which is a far cry from the crackups they are in real life.

There isn't much up yet but it'll grow. Plus finally a chance to see what Doug looks like in person.

Now this is something not even The First, Jasmine or Mayor Wilkins can brag about. Good luck, Doug and Camden!

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Doug Jones... Mystery Men (1999) .... Pencilhead

LOL! He was great! Doug was only in that movie like three seconds but he was hilarious! "I AM PENCILHEAD!" rotflmao!
Oh this is lovely! I can't wait to see what they add. T-Shirts?
I've loved Camden's performances on Buffy & Angel. Aside from these Gentlemen's performance on "Hush", Gnarl has got to be the creeeeeepiest character in the Buffyverse (IMO), and Prince of Lies on Angel was a Nosferatu-ey hoot!
My kids and I also love Doug as Billy (the raised from the dead lover of the Sarah the witch) in Disney's "Hocus Pocus", my daughter's favorite movie.
And guess what my wallpaper of the week will be now.
OK, I'm still quite scared of them - especially in the picture where they're doing the grin and the scary finger beckoning.
Agree, Anna Von Ovonov, Gnarl wins the Buffy Creepstakes...and I still crack up when I think of the Prince of Lies saying "Ve're under VAWTER?"
OMG - Color me struck stupid - I posted the site yesterday but never visted the links to Doug Jones filmography until today and last night the episode of Criminal Minds he was in was on. Talk about creepy. So I have seen him without make-up just didn't pay attention to the credits. :)

Well that's another mystery solved.

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